Where to find the best RTX 3080 laptop deals in 2024

RTX 3080 laptops
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Good news! The best RTX 3080 laptop deals are now cheaper than ever. Whether it be the introduction and launch of the RTX 40 series or simply the age of this previously top shelf graphics card, we're seeing some excellent prices across the web right now. If you're after a bargain, you've come to the right place.

We're rounding up all the retailers you should be watching for the best RTX 3080 laptop deals available now. Whether you're after a high-end Razer device or something much cheaper (but less well known) we're showing you where to search for your new rig. These machines are synonymous with the best gaming laptops and that's for good reason; they're extraordinarily powerful for running modern games maxed out in not only Full HD, but 1440p and even 4K (should the native resolution allow).

We're showing you where to find all these gaming laptop deals just below, with our top pick in both the US and UK listed as well. 

Where to find RTX 3080 laptop deals in the US


Amazon: best for Razer Blade and Asus discounts

Amazon isn't going to give you the widest range of configurations, but it regularly packs a punch with its RTX 3080 laptop deals. We regularly see Razer Blade and Asus discounts here the most. 


Best Buy: regular discounts, often with free Game Pass

Best Buy is our go-to when seeking out gaming laptop deals. There always seems to be a sale on, and the models featured rotate nicely through as well. That means there's always something new to browse and some excellent prices to take advantage of as well. 


Dell: big savings on Alienware rigs

While the Dell G16 range doesn't reach up to RTX 3080 level, Alienware machines certainly do. Dell regularly has a solid roster of discounts on M-Series and X-Series gaming laptops, with thousands of dollars off these high-end configurations. 


Newegg: often has lowest prices around on smaller brands

Newegg is better for less mainstream brands, but if you're after a Gigabyte machine there's no better place to look. MSI is also a solid bet here, if you are looking for something a little more well known. With regular rebate discounts there's always savings up for grabs. 


Walmart: heavy discounts but watch for value with marketplace sellers

Walmart can come through with some amazing RTX 3080 laptop deals, though they're not as regular as the other retailers on this list. That said, if you're after a cheaper option we do sometimes see Walmart offering the lowest prices around. 

Where to find RTX 3080 laptop deals in the UK


Amazon: excellent prices on older models

Amazon UK also lacks some of the more recent models, and relies on marketplace sellers for other options, but if you're after a cheap Acer, Lenovo, or Asus RTX 3080 laptop there are usually some excellent discounts to be found here. 


Box: regularly updates its discounts on new devices

Box has plenty of discounts on its shelves, but the best part is they rotate fairly quickly. That means there's often something new to grab if previous offers haven't quite hit the mark. 


Currys: best for premium models with free subscriptions

Currys isn't cheap, but it can offer some hefty savings further up the price scale. This is also the best retailer to check out if you're after free subscriptions with your discount as well. 


Ebuyer: best for MSI discounts across the range

Ebuyer seems to specialize in discounts on MSI RTX 3080 laptops, but you'll find a range of models on the shelves here which should satisfy any budget. Of course, there are a few Asus and Razer options thrown in as well. 


Laptops Direct: super low prices on less mainstream brands

Brands like Gigabyte and Medion are cheaper than more mainstream options, and can regularly be found on the discount shelves at Laptops Direct. 

Which RTX 3080 laptops are available?

Budget machines like the Asus TUF and Dell G15 range don't tend to venture too far into RTX 3080 territory, so you'll be looking amongst the best Razer laptops and best Alienware laptops for a high-end GPU. When it comes to RTX 3080 laptop deals, though, the Gigabyte Aorus and MSI Leopard both regularly feature amongst the best savings. However, we'd also take a look at the Asus ROG Strix line for more options as well. 

How much is an RTX 3080 laptop?

Outside of discounts, an RTX 3080 laptop will generally cost you more than $2,000. However, we're seeing more and more high-end rigs taking larger price cuts at the moment, with the lowest prices we've spotted sitting around the $1,699 - $1,799 mark. Those discounts were found on MSI and Gigabyte rigs at Newegg, so we'd recommend starting your search there. 

Is an RTX 3080 laptop worth it?

RTX 3080 laptops don't come cheap, so if you're simply dipping your toes into the world of PC gaming they might not offer the best value for money on the market. However, if you're a keen player it's worth viewing your RTX 3080 laptop as an investment. 

This is the cutting-edge of graphics, which means you're picking up a spec that will remain relevant for years to come. It's certainly a big outlay, but in grabbing the latest components you're saving yourself further upgrades later down the line. Plus, these machines offer some of the most powerful Black Friday laptop deals on the market over the holidays.

However, if you're not fussed about getting the best of the best, you'll find RTX 3070 laptops come in much cheaper, and an RTX 3060 laptop is even cheaper still. You won't get the lightning performance out of these rigs, but if you're just looking for everyday entertainment while still grabbing the latest generation these models are perfectly positioned in the market. If you're shopping under $1,000, though, we'd recommend checking out RTX 3050 laptops

If you're browsing by brand, we're also rounding up all the latest cheap Alienware laptop deals and cheap Razer laptops as well. 

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