Eva Green finds Womb

Eva Green and Matt Smith have signed onto Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf’s first stab at an English-language drama, Womb.

Green will play a grieving widow in the near future who decides that the best way to remember her dead husband is to, er, bring him back to life through the power of cloning.

Matt Smith – the man about to take over the keys to Dr Who’s TARDIS from David Tenant – will co-star, though we don’t know if he’s playing the hubby or some other character.

“Womb is one of the most touching and impressive love stories we have read in recent times,” Michael Weber, head of the company selling the film rights, told Variety.

Yes, we can foresee absolutely not psychological problems with cloning your dead husband.

If anyone needs us, we’ll be sitting back waiting for the screaming and the running.

[Source: Variety ]

Do you think cloning ever turns out well in movies? Who would you clone?



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