Videolink SFX170

This month we have a look at the things people create in their spare time, from music videos to film re-enactments, and wonder if some people have a bit too much spare time:

Star Wars vs Saul Bass

How it might have looked if Star Wars were made 20 years earlier and the credits created by Alfred Hitchcock collaborator Saul Bass. Possibly the coolest school project ever. Link

Alan Moore Song

Comics fan is caught off-guard by Alan Moore while buying something rubbish in a comics shop. Goes home, writes a song about the experience. Hilarity ensues. Link

Doctor Who vs Eminem

Some of Doctor Who’s silliest moments, soundtracked by a mash-up of Eminem and the Benny Hill theme. Bonus marks for synching the words “Attention please!” with a clip of Anthony Ainley from “Logopolis”. Link

Star Wars: A Cardboard Hope

Inspired by Be Kind, Rewind, some fans re-enact the key scenes from A New Hope. You haven’t lived till you’ve seen a grown man in a cardboard X-Wing running around a park. Link

First-Person Super Mario Bros

If Valve remade the original Super Mario Bros in the style of Half-Life. Replacing the Goombas with Head Crabs is inspired, though we can’t quite see Mario with a machine gun… Link

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