Valheim Bloodborne build recreates the Hunter's Dream in intricate detail

A new Valheim Bloodborne build recreates the Hunter's Dream in the 10th Realm, giving Vikings a familiar (yet always slightly unnerving) place to rest their weary bones.

The project, as shared by caeus_plays on Reddit's Valheim board, recreates the workshop as well as its surroundings. This build swaps in those creepy Fuling totems for Messengers, and features a Wraith trophy in the role of Gehrman with a special appearance from a Ward as The Doll. They even recreated the Hunter's Dream introductory cinematic with the build, which you can see in the YouTube video above.

The most impressive part of the build is how each little detail of the structure and grounds is accounted for, from the tombstones to the wrecked fences. The build also includes a working hearth, workbench, and storage options. If you have the Valheim BuildShare mod installed, you can even download the Hunter's Dream yourself and turn it into a beautiful and functional home base. Now if somebody could just mod in some Trick Weapons so we could bust out a Saw Cleaver for our next boss fight, the experience would be complete.

The player community has put together an impressive spread of both fantastical and realistic builds since the game hit early access this year, including Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Valheim, a car bed in Valheim, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Valheim, and an impossibly classy modern home design featuring glowing mushroom ceiling light accents in Valheim. And here I am just trying to work up the willpower to move out of my cramped wooden box in the Black Forest...

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