Valheim modern home created by IRL builder is impossibly classy

Valheim modern home build
(Image credit: Reddit user _-GH05T-)

A new Valheim build that puts glowing mushrooms to a surprisingly classy use may just send you spelunking for your next lighting fixtures.

The "Modern home build" put together by Reddit user _-GH05T-  is an elegant, practical (in terms of living space, if not in terms of time required to build it) home - and its crowning achievement is its indoor lighting. Rather than relying on big sconces or other lightsources, _-GH05T-, who says they're a general contractor in real-life, set up ceiling accents with glowing mushroom strip lights in every room.

The glowing mushrooms are recessed so you don't see them directly, you just see the light that they constantly emit reflected down and out from their fixtures. The soft yellow lighting creates a lovely warm counterpart to the deep, dark shades of the wooden walls and understated stone floors. And it was all constructed without any mods - just an "immense amount of patience, an overly controlling perfectionist attitude, and the shift button."

Well, that and the debug mode for unlimited materials - getting every piece just right would take long enough without having to fell an entire forest's worth of birch for your living room.

If you want to build out your own Viking homestead, make sure you stay tuned for the new domestic additions coming in the Valheim Hearth and Home update.

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