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Valheim devs show off mysterious new items coming in the Hearth & Home update

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The Valheim studio has shared a new development update, confirming that work is progressing on the Valheim Hearth and Home update while teasing a few more of its new additions.

Hearth and Home is set to be the biggest update for Valheim since it entered early access on Steam earlier this year, with new features focusing on the domestic side of Valheim: building a home, cooking up tasty Viking treats to eat while you're out in the world, that sort of thing. Iron Gate Studio says it's still not ready to put a release date on the Hearth and Home update yet, and that it's grateful for having such an understanding player community.

"Our work on Hearth and Home is still going well," the development update reads. "The update is starting to take shape and the past month has been very productive, with many new items and mechanics being finalized. There are of course many more things we want to make before the update is released, as we don’t want to rush it."

Valheim mystery items

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Still, Iron Gate gave us a few more morsels to chew on while we wait: a pair of sneak peeks at new content coming in the update. I'm not sure what either one is supposed to be, but I'll optimistically guess that the left one is a scroll of some kind so you can share your map with other players on the same server, and the right one is a window so we can gaze out on that beautiful world from the comfort of home (without leaving gaping holes in our walls, or using gates to fake barred windows).

The dev update concludes with a teaser that the Iron Gate team is considering doing "some sort of Q&A" in June, which we'll keep an eye out for in case it comes with any more news on the future of Valheim.

Meanwhile, in the current version of the game, Valheim players are riding Deathsquitoes to the clouds.

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