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Watch this Valheim player ride a Deathsquito to the clouds

Valheim camp
(Image credit: Iron Gate AB)

A player in Valheim hitched a ride to the heavens by Deathsquito accompanied by a fitting soundtrack.

In the video, uploaded by Reddit user whimsycantrash, the patient player decides to ascend through the skies in Valheim. However, his method involved those pesky Deathsquito insects.

While the art of jumping on a Deathsquito in the game and being carried high isn't a new concept for some players, this video takes it to new heights. And in this case, after nearly 4-minutes, the player is so high up into the clouds that it looks like a rival for those flying through the skies of Red Dead Redemption 2.

What's more, the video features the fitting song 'Can You Take Me Higher' by Creed, just in case you weren't clear on what their plan was.

Once the Deathsquito itself eventually dies, the player then falls back to earth, taking little to no damage... although, it certainly looks like they were sweating a bit. According to a user in the Reddit comments, the maximum fall damage is capped at 100.

Valheim players have been making use of ridable Deathsquitos for some time, but this appears to be the highest someone has gone. It's certainly remarkable what some players can achieve, such as that one who defeated 2 bosses with just campfires.

Valheim launched into Steam early access back in February of this year and within the first week had surpassed 1 million players. It also made a new concurrent player record of over 350,000 concurrent players until it broke that record again later on by achieving a concurrent record of over 400,000 players.

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