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Massive Valheim Hogwarts build includes the Great Hall and Quidditch Pitch

A Valheim Hogwarts recreation is the next best thing to wandering around the wizarding school yourself.

Creator Zabore uploaded an 8 minute video which flies through their intricate recreation of Hogwarts' campus. The recreation of the main part of the campus is set in the mountains biome so it can get that nice snowy look, and it includes the Great Hall (complete with meals set out for the students, hope you kids are in the mood for draugr sausage again), subterranean passages, and individual rooms for students.

Outside of the main buildings, this Valheim build includes a recreation of Hagrid's cozy little hut, and beyond that there's even a massive Quidditch pitch. The whole thing was built in-game with no mods, though Zabore did use debug mode, which lets builders make use of both flight and unlimited materials - if you want to try it out, our guide to Valheim cheats will show you how to enable it yourself.

The Valheim devs probably have their own plans for later in development, but in the meantime Valheim modders are adding enemies and environments to otherwise unused biomes.

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