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Valheim mod makes smelting less tedious through the magic of overclocking

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

A Valheim furnace overclocking mod will let you turn that heavy ore into precious bars faster, but you'll have to experiment to make sure you create the ideal setup.

The Valheim Surtling Core Overclocking Mod, as spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, lets you craft special additions for your kilns, smelters, or blast furnaces out of Surtling cores and various other components. You can grab it on NexusMods right now.

The three types of cores can increase each item's speed, efficiency, or productivity, but the boosts come with a penalty to the other stats as well. With a maximum of four cores per item, you have to balance how much speed and extra product you want versus how much fuel and other resources you're comfortable with wasting, or vice versa. And yes, you could just turn on Valheim cheats to get your resources instantly, but this way you earn that pile of metal.

If you've played Factorio, the overclocking process probably sounds familiar - and mod creator MarcoPogo cites Factorio as a direct inspiration for their own work in Valheim. One of the areas where Valheim is arguably the most lacking compared to many other survival-focused games is tools to make your processes more efficient. That may or may not be the kind of experience Iron Gate Studio pursues in future updates (we're still waiting for specifics on what's on the way in the Valheim Hearth and Home update), but there's no harm in modders taking up the cause themselves.

Meanwhile, if you want new ways to see your own personal 10th realm, check out the Valheim VR mod

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