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Save up to £300 on these Medion gaming laptops deals, but you'll have to hurry

Looking for an entry-level gaming PC bargain? Or something a little higher spec? We're always keeping an eye on the best gaming laptops and these limited-time savings on Medion's portable PC range are a great time to make the leap. Our pick's the ERAZER X7851 Gaming Laptop, which offers strong processing power with a tempting £200 discount. Medion aren't as well-known as some laptop brands, but the secret is that these are rebranded Clevo machines and the 8GB X7851 offers Nvidia GTX 1060 visuals with more than enough clout to run PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege or GTA 5 at high speeds. Take a closer look below…

Our favourite Medion gaming laptop deal

Get the ERAZER X7851 Gaming Laptop for £1099 (Save £200)

Get the ERAZER X7851 Gaming Laptop for £1099 (Save £200):
The perfect entry-level laptop with Intel Core i5 7300hq quad core processor, 1TB HDD storage, and 8GB ram. The 1080p 17.3 inch screen will look fantastic with most games.

Looking for a bit more power?

For those looking for something a shade stronger, you can save between £120 and £300 on a selection of five of Medion's best rigs, including a £300 discount on the ERAZER X7853 Gaming Laptop; a serious machine capable of impeccable audio-visual quality and blistering 1080p performance.

Save £300 off an ERAZER X7853 Gaming Laptop - now £1599

Save £300 off an ERAZER X7853 Gaming Laptop - now £1599:
A high power gaming laptop with Intel Core i7 7700hq quad core processor, 1TB HDD storage, and 16GB ram. This high-end rig will run even the most processor-intense games with ease.

Grab a bargain entry level laptop

If that deal's still a little pricey for your budget, you can also pick up the much more affordable AKOYA S3409 Ultrabook with £120 off, and still be comfortable in the knowledge that you've got a powerful rig for much less than its typical going rate. If you're buying for work and play, Argos also provides a £20 discount on Microsoft Office 365 when bought with one of these laptops, which is just one more incentive to invest in the deals while they're still hot. 

Save £120 on a AKOYA S3409 Ultrabook for £429.99

Save £120 on a AKOYA S3409 Ultrabook for £429.99: With Intel Core i3 7100u dual core processor, 256GB SSD storage, and 4GB ram. A perfect beginner's laptop, although not the choice of eSports professionals or the more serious gamer.

You can pick one of these Medion laptops up just in time to see what E3 2018 games you'd like to test them out with, or perhaps State of Decay 2 is more up your alley? Whatever the game, these portable rigs will be able to showcase their technical power with varying levels of under-the-hood might. 

It's not clear how long these deals will last with Argos, so you may want to make a decision soon if you're thinking about making good on those generous savings.

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