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Save £80 and bring the noise with the RGB Logitech G560 PC gaming speakers

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Are you ready to make some noise? Well you definitely should be with this great deal on Logitech's G560 ultra surround sound speakers, currently on offer for just under £129. As a fantastic addition to any PC set up, these speakers are made for PC gaming in mind, and are sure to bring the virtual worlds your traversing to life by delivering detailed sound to your ears.

The sleek-looking speakers are equipped with built-in LightSync RGB lighting that will change colour and effects due to the audio from whatever game you're playing. You can also customise the lighting to match your set-up, so you can hear all that 7.1 surround sound goodness and enjoy a light show too. The speakers are also easy to set-up and feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a USB to be connected to up to four devices, which you can switch between. 


Logitech G560 ultra surround pc gaming speakers | £128.98 from Amazon (save £80)
Complete with 7.1 surround sound, RGB lighting, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can grab these speakers and save yourself £80

With a mid-range bassy subwoofer and 3D positional audio, it's able to catch all the little ambient noises in whatever soundscape you're in, from the tweeting birds in the trees to the distant blasts of a magical spell firing off. So, for example, if you're running around in Skyrim, you'll be able to catch the rumblings of a dragon on the horizon before it comes to blast you with ice or fire. That's always handy. 

The audio adds to the overall immersive experience, and with a saving of just over £80, it's a great time to pick up these speakers and bring your PC gaming experience to life in style. 

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