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Prime Day video game deals - play some of the latest and greatest for less

Prime Day video game deals
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Amazon Prime Day video game deals sometimes slip through the net a bit as most of the attention is geared toward tech, accessories, and larger items. However, game deals are abounding on both sides of the Atlantic and we've seen a swathe of great discounts on both games and accessories across the platforms. There are game deals on newer titles like Resident Evil Village or Returnal, which are great if you've been close to picking something up but holding out. Then there are plenty of Prime Day video game deals on slightly older games; things like Watch Dogs Legion and Luigi's Mansion 3, which might be priced more to your liking now that some time has passed and they're on discount. And, of course, there's everything in between, from deals on extra controllers, storage, subscriptions, and more, so take a look at what we've found and see what takes your fancy.

Mind, we've got more specialized hubs like Prime Day PS5 deals and Prime Day Xbox Series X deals if you're still looking for something specific for new-gen hardware, but here we'll focus on Prime Day gaming deals more broadly. The key thing here is to be quick as the good deals can clear out fast, and be sure check back here regularly as deals change all the time. Sometimes prices fall all over the place as retailers try to match each other too, and we'll keep you updated on all the best deals and where to find them right here.

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Now is a great time to check out any of those 'when it's cheap' games you've had your eye on, as Amazon Prime Day video game deals push some good discounts on recent games like Cyberpunk, Returnal, and Demon's Souls. 

That's because while this is Amazon Prime Day plenty of other retailers get involved so as not to lose out on people willing to spend money where they can smell savings. So, if you're after a good gaming bargain - whatever your platform of choice is - check out these Amazon Prime Day Video game deals.

US Amazon Prime Day video game deals

Amazon Prime Day video game deals US

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition | PS5 | $69.99 $49.99 at Amazon
This follow-up to the already excellent Spider-Man PS4 game lets Miles Morales take the spotlight with new abilities and experience his own, new story. A great game and a great discount.View Deal

Returnal | PS5 | $69.99 $49.99 at Amazon
Saving nearly 30% on this PlayStation 5 exclusive is a great deal as, while it's a brilliant and challenging sci-fi rogue-like, that original 70 dollar price was a big minus point for a lot of scores. View Deal

Demon's Souls | PS5 | $69.99 $49.94 at Walmart
It was one of the greatest games ever made, now it's one of the greatest remasters ever... remade. This PlayStation 5 return of the game that really put FromSoftware on the map shows exactly why it's still a classic.  View Deal

Assassin's Creed Valhalla | PS5 | $59.99 $29.99 at Best Buy
See what it was like to be a Viking Assassin with 30 dollars off the latest time-bending fight for free will. We can't recommend this more, especially for the bang to buck, hours to dollars ratio it offers.View Deal

Sackboy: A Big Adventure | PS5 | $59.99 $29.99 at Amazon Sackboy's PS5 debut solidified the sentient burlap sack's position as a bonafide PlayStation icon, and this Prime Day deal means it's as good a time as ever to continue your adventures as Sackboy or introduce yourself to this wonderful series with the best entry yet.

Cyberpunk 2077 Standard Edition + SteelBook | Xbox One | $40 $20 at Best Buy
It hasn't had the smoothest ride on PlayStation or Xbox, which is why it's currently going for $20 at Best Buy. However, at basically half price and with CD Projekt Red desperate to fix the game, as much as its relationship with fans, it could be worth iView Deal

Watch Dogs: Legion PS5 | $60 $19.99 at Best Buy
If you fancy trying Ubisoft's 'play as anyone' hack-em-up you can now free London one rogue vending machine at a time for a very attractive price. View Deal

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code] | $59.99  $39.99 at Amazon
The latest Luigi's Mansion offering is an utter delight for fans of the titular underdog, smart level design, and really just fans of having fun generally. Pick it up for $40 - a rare treat from Nintendo - and enjoy one of the Switch's most underappreciated gems.View Deal

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch | $60 $39.88 at Amazon
If you want to see just how much chaos you can raise with a hat that possesses people, things and dinosaurs, now's you're chance. View Deal

Paper Mario: The Origami King - Switch [Digital Code] | $59.99 $41.99 at Amazon
Get 20 bucks off this charming performer that sees a flattened Mario trying to save his papery friends. 
View Deal

UK Amazon Prime Day video game deals

Amazon Prime Day video game deals - UK

Resident Evil Village | PS5 | £70 £44.85 at Base
If you've yet to experience the charms of Lady Dimitrescu and a werewolf-filled town of monsters this £25 saving is the perfect time to take a trip. View Deal

Ratchet & Clank A Rift Apart |PS5 | £70 £55.85 at Base
It's a small saving but might be enough to tip you over the edge. It's already a lot of people's GOTY and absolutely one of the best games on PS5 right now. View Deal

Final Fantasy 7 Remake INTERGRADE | PS5 | £70 £45.85 at Base
If you haven't picked up the Final Fantasy 7 remake yet, or have been waiting for the PS5 version now's the time with a hefty saving. View Deal

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Deluxe Edition | PS4 | £70 £47.85 Amazon UK
If you wanted to be a Jedi and save credits now is the time with over 30% off EAs open-world planet-hopping adventure. Wave a lightsaber about, learn Jedi powers, and more. View Deal

A Way Out | Xbox One | £4.99 at Amazon UK
Don't worry if it says £24.99, as when you click through the discount is added to your basket for some reason. And one of the best co-op games around for a fiver is a great deal. View Deal

Star Wars: Squadrons (PS4) | £35 £21.22 Amazon UK
Yes, that's about £20 for Star Wars Squadrons, letting you take to the skies in a range of X-Wings and Tie Fighters for little more than dinner. There's are also Xbox and PC options as well if you fancy some dogfighting on other platforms. View Deal

Hitman 3 PS5 | £50 £34.99 at Currys
The third and final installment of the latest Hitman reboot is perhaps the best one yet with some amazing settings and incredibly creative ways to kill. There are also ongoing challenges and elusive targets to keep you busy long after you've completed the campaign many, many times over.  View Deal

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One - Download Code | £19.99 £6.59 at Amazon
If you haven't grabbed this slice of Xbox history then now is the time with this discount that applies when you add the deal to your basket. View Deal

Assassin's Creed Valhalla | PS5 | £29.49 at Amazon UK
If you haven't had a chance to check out the latest Assassin's Creed's Viking adventure this excellent price for the PS5 version is a great means to do it. The PS4 version is the same price too, as is the Xbox One version.  View Deal

Obviously, as we mentioned, the deals will likely change all the time so be sure to check all the Amazon video game deals in the USA and UK to see if anything new has appeared, or a price has changed. We'll be updating this list as the new deals come in, however, so chances are you'll save some effort by letting us do the hard work for you. Don't forget to check the GamesRadar home page as well for any breakout deals that might appear - if it's something really good it might end up in the spotlight. 

If you need a break from video game deals and want to watch something while you're waiting for it all to ship then check our round up of the best streaming services and see what you can find to pass the time. 

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