How to get the rare Kifflom t-shirt in GTA Online

The rare Kifflom shirt in GTA Online

The After Hours update for GTA Online is here and along with giving players the ability to own and run their very own nightclub, it’s also opened up a very special Easter Egg that involves drinking until you pass out and waking up in strange places. Nothing new there, right Trevor? It also involves you getting your avatar their very own Kifflom t-shirt, a lovely nod to the lengthy (and sometimes tedious) Epsilon quest-line from GTA 5. However, it's pretty tricky to get yourself one in GTA Online, but thankfully we're here to help. Here’s how to get the rare Kifflom t-shirt in GTA Online.

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How to get the Kifflom t-shirt in GTA Online

First you’ll need to have the After Hours update installed and then head on over to one of the clubs. Once inside you’ll have to option to buy a drink at the bar. These range from a $5 bottle of Pisswasser to a bottle of Diamond Champagne that’ll set you back $150,000 (you do get to shake it up and spray it everywhere like an F1 star though) what you’re looking for however is this shot of Macbeth Whisky. It costs $350 for regular punters but if you own the club it’s free and, considering what you have to do next, buying a club might be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

If the Macbeth Whisky is showing as 'out of stock' then the nightclub you're in doesn't have the required popularity to serve it, so either head elsewhere or if you're in your own club then embark on some nightclub promotion missions from the computer in your office to increase your popularity level.

When you drink the Macbeth shot you’ll quickly be knocked unconscious (this is some strong stuff) and will wake up in a new random location. This is usually the toilets of the club (isn't it always) but sometimes it’ll be at a random location around Los Santos. What you want to happen next is that you’re transported to the top of the Epsilon building in Rockford Hills sporting the rare Kifflom t-shirt.

If this doesn't happen you’ll have to return to the club, drink another shot and hope for the best. Just a warning though, some people have said that they’ve tried for over an hour to get it and still haven’t had any luck.

At the moment there’s no special trick to getting transported to the top of the building, you just have to keep trying and eventually it’ll happen. It will. Trust us.

Once you have it you’ll be able to access it from any clothing store or from your wardrobe in the ‘Special Tops’ section from the menu. Fun fact: This is an exact replica of the t-shirt you can buy from the Rockstar Warehouse in real life! So now you can own it virtually and in the real world. Kifflom, friends. 

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