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Call of Duty Warzone AUG nerf shown in new detail

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(Image credit: Activision)

The Call of Duty: Warzone AUG nerf is in and it looks like it's a lot less accurate now.

Call of Duty Youtuber TheXclusiveAce has posted some screenshots to their Twitter feed which show the early results of testing, and it shows a significant increase in vertical bullet distribution thanks to the increased recoil. This is going to make the AUG significantly less accurate over range, which is something players had been hoping for.

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It’s not just the AUG that took a hit with the nerf bat though, as the FFAR had a significant reduction in its ADS time during yesterday’s patch. Before the patch, the FFAR was outperforming SMGs at close range, while still being comparatively strong at mid-range. This patch sought to nerf the close quarters potential of the weapon, and TheXclusiveAce’s testing confirms that too as they noted that the ADS time is noticeably slower. You can see the full video with all of TheXclusiveAce’s testing results below

Things are really hotting up in Warzone this month. We’ve just had a huge rebalancing patch and now there are signs that the heavily rumored Warzone nuke event is really happening, as players have started spotting nuclear missiles flying into the map. These missiles haven’t been exploding, which means it’s likely a bug that has shown up while Raven Software is testing for the actual event. Verdansk isn’t long for this world though, so we can also expect a new Warzone map soon too.

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