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Call of Duty Warzone goes nuclear early thanks to a hilarious bug

Call of Duty: Warzone
(Image credit: Activision)

A Call of Duty Warzone player has captured footage of a nuke crashing into Verdansk and then... not really being the sort-of cataclysmic event we're all expecting to happen very soon.

In this hilarious Warzone bug, you can see a massive missile careening downward from high-up in the sky before landing on the ground with a thud. Some smoke/dust/gas billows up around the crash site and then things pretty much just go back to business as usual. It's hard to say conclusively that it was a bug, but we're very confused nonetheless.

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It's an amusing glitch for sure, but it's also a good preview of the actual Warzone nuke coming soon, likely in a live event, to bring about major changes to the map. ModernWarzone was even kind enough to snatch a screengrab of the incoming missile just before it makes contact to give a clearer idea of its size.

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Now, what happens after the real nuke drops is still an open question. Raven Software has been teasing nukes for a while, but we still aren't sure exactly what it means for the Warzone season 3 map. A recent leak suggests the new map will be a Cold War-era Verdansk rather than an entirely new map, though that's still unconfirmed. Either way, we'll know the exact level of devastation those Warzone nukes are packing in just a short while, as we're expecting Warzone season 3 to launch with a bang on (or near) April 22.

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