Call of Duty Warzone hotfix brings FFAR nerf

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A Call of Duty Warzone hotfix has gone live which adjusts weapon balance, including introducing a FFAR nerf.

The April 6 hotfix follows on from the Call of Duty: Warzone patch notes which dropped last week, and addresses some complaints from the Warzone community that weren’t addressed in the main patch - namely the FFAR being quite over-powered.

Raven Software (opens in new tab) has published the official patch notes on its website, alongside a screenshot of the patch notes on Twitter.

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The FFAR is the main target of the hotfix, with the assault rifle getting an Aim Down Sights speed decrease. Raven noted that it is supposed to be a jack of all trades, but that it was too good at short range and was outcompeting SMGs at close range. This slower ADS speed should keep the gun strong in the mid-range, while reducing its effectiveness in a close-range firefight.

There are a couple of other noteworthy changes in this hotfix too. The Cold War Tactical Rifle Charlie has seen an increase in recoil strength. The notes explain that in its previous iteration it was too easy to stay on target, meaning the gun was both wildly powerful and quite accurate. This fix means it keeps the power, but loses some of the precision.

Beyond this, there have also been some changes and fixes to various attachments including the Salvo Fast Mag, which was giving the FFAR an even greater advantage by not decreasing ADS speed when equipped.

The hotfix is live now, so if you were planning one last FFAR close-quarters rampage, then we’re afraid you’re out of luck. 

After the original Season Two Reloaded patch notes dropped last week, many Warzone players were unhappy about the relatively light touch it took to weapon balance. In fact, Warzone players have started trying to get Raven Software’s attention by using the clan tag "FIXWZ". Well, it looks like they were listening all along, as one of the top complaints from the community was the overpowered FFAR.

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