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Black Friday RAM deals: speed up your gaming rig for less

G.Skill Trident Z
(Image credit: G.Skill)

Black Friday RAM deals have, historically, been a time to make some of the deepest savings of the year on the best RAM for gaming from all the top manufacturers, especially if you're after high capacity, and high speed, dual-channel kits. 

We would personally consider 16GB DDR4 RAM to be the absolute minimum needed for optimum gaming performance in 2021, though, 32GB is definitely recommended for other tasks such as video production, streaming, and other intensive tasks that can make short work of your short-term memory. 

The best gaming PCs are those that push themselves to the limits for outstanding performance in QHD and 4K, and this feat is made much easier when utilizing 32GB RAM as well, to make the most out of the best gaming monitors and best 4K monitor for gaming. This is especially true if higher refresh rates (such as 144Hz, 165Hz, and 240Hz) are in your sights. 

However you intend to capitalize on Black Friday RAM deals, whether upgrading an existing machine or starting from scratch, you can be sure to find some of the best prices on all the go-to RAM brands this year. 

When will Black Friday RAM deals start?

Black Friday is taking place on November 26 this year. However, we tend to see bigger online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, rolling out tech offers leading up to and succeeding the event. This means that many of the deals could begin as early as the start of Thanksgiving week, and last throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday, concluding thereafter. 

Where will the best Black Friday RAM deals be?

We will be updating this page often in the run-up to Black Friday weekend, helping you all to get the best prices on gaming RAM for less. Historically, these are the best retailers to be watching for the best Black Friday RAM deals this year. These are all the current savings you can make:

Decent savings available on Corsair Vengeance and more
Best Buy:
Minor discounts available on big-name gaming RAM brands
Save up to 26% on Corsair Vengeance and G.Skill RAM  
Competitive prices on popular gaming RAM brands
B&H Photo:
Fewer deals but solid selection available 

Significant money off of Corsair and Crucial RAM
A wide selection available at consistent prices
Good discounts on Corsair, Crucial, and Patriot gaming RAM
Laptops Direct:
Slight savings on Kingston and Crucial RAM models 

Black Friday RAM deals: what to expect

Kingston Fury

(Image credit: Kingston)

Taking the Corsair Vengeance 32GB as an example, in previous years, the kit has been discounted to as low as $119 around the Black Friday period. That's a significant discount on the average going rate of $177 and the non-sale price of $192; a value that it holds consistently and often on Amazon. At the same time, we're currently seeing the G.Skill Trident Z Neo at its lowest-ever price from the retailer, at $199.99, so it's highly likely that Black Friday could knock a few more dollars off its asking price, too. 

Things get more exciting when delving deeper into the more high-end options available from Amazon. Crucial Ballistix RGB 32GB is currently priced at $178 and rarely seeing sales throughout the year. However, Black Friday has dropped the kit to its lowest-ever rate at $127.99 - a full $50 off - in the past! If we do see Black Friday RAM deals hitting this particular model in 2021, we should get prices even lower than that of last year.

Based on this knowledge, and pattern recognition, we're hoping that some of our favorite gaming RAM models will see at least a 10-25% discount. Some of the higher-end brands may plummet to their lowest ever prices yet, if the trend is to believed. Regardless, it's looking good for the hardcore gaming crowd if you've held off for the right time to upgrade. 

Today's best deals

Corsair RGB

(Image credit: Corsair)

Our price comparison software does the heavy lifting from all across the wide expanse of the internet to bring you the best RAM deals this side of Black Friday. We've rounded up all of today's lowest prices on some of the best RAM models we'd recommend keeping an eye on over the holiday period just below. 

The best prices on our favorite gaming RAM models 

G.Skill Trident Z: It doesn't really matter which particular variant of G.Skill Trident Z that you opt for you in your latest build, on a purely gaming level, there's very little that can rival the price-to-performance ratio and cost-effectiveness afforded by this particular line of gaming RAM. 

Corsair Vengeance LED: Similarly, we've sworn by the likes of Corsair Vengeance for the best part of a decade in builds of all styles in some of our machines and always been impressed by the performance on display. Whether you opt for RGB or not, is personal preference of course. 

Night Hawk: Should media creation (lengthy video editing projects, music production, etc.) be of particular interest to you, then your rig will need the grunt to hold its own when the file sizes start climbing. Fortunately, we've found that Team Group's Night Hawk dual-channel kit is some of the most reliable around for that very purpose, as well as its gaming prowess. 

Patriot Viper Steel: And if you're a little confused on the compatibility of such RAM sticks with Intel and AMD CPUs, we've found that Patriot Viper Steel's double duty with either chipset and stellar performance makes it a go-to in our minds. 

Still after your PC gaming fix? Our advice on Black Friday gaming PC deals and Black Friday laptop deals are sure to satisfy. 

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