Thursday Link-A-Mania

UPDATE: K9 Spin-off in Production?
Thanks to Theta Sigma (our Australian correspondent… oh, okay, a guy from Australia who posts on the SFX forum regularly – but we love him) for uncovering the following couple of snippets which seem to prove that the kiddie-orientated, animated K9 spin-off, championed by the mutt’s creator, Bob Baker, is finally in production down in the land of Oz. Click here and here for the chilling evidence. Seems like he’ll never become a major part in the Sarah Jane Adventures now – shame. The pic on the left, by the way, is an early concept from years back (this project has been on the boil for quite some while) so there's still hope he won’t end up looking like that...

I Dream of a Big Screen Jeannie
The planned film adaptation of I Dream of Jeannie could spell the kind of box office magic that eluded the big screen update of another ’60s fantasy sitcom – Bewitched – if the quality of its latest screenwriter is anything to go by. Various scribes have already had a stab at the script, but now Rita Hsiao has stepped up to the mark, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Who’s she? Well, aside from co-scripting Mulan (one of Disney’s most underrated animated movies) she also polished up the scripts for Enchanted and 13 Going on 30, two films that can definitely be filed under "much better than you’d expect”. Producer Sid Ganis is certainly excited: "She has a terrific, bright, fresh approach to Jeannie's story, with a twist and turn along the way." The original series starred a pre-Dallas Larry Hagman as an astronaut who finds a very sexy genie in a bottle (Barbara Eden).

Red set to Go
An obscure three-issue comic written by Warren Ellis in 2003 is set to become the first DC comic adaptation not be produced by a Warner Bros company, says The Hollywood Reporter . The rights to Red, the story of an ex-secret agent forced out of retirement when as assassin tracks him down, have been acquired by Summit Entertainment.

Over 70 Minutes More Hulk on DVD
Dark Horizons has a story in which it claims that over 70 minutes of footage excised from The Incredible Hulk – including a scene in which Banner travels to the Arctic and meets Captain America – will turn up on the DVD and Blu-Ray releases if director Louis Leterrier has his way.