Thursday Link-A-Mania

* Spider-Man 4 is now onto its third screenwriter, according to The Hollywood Reporter . This time doing the rewrite is by Gary Ross, who wrote and directed Pleasantville, which also starred Tobey Maguire. Interesting choice – all his movies so far have been very character-based, unashamedly sentimental dramas (and pretty good too) but he has no form as an action writer. Maybe Raimi has brought him in to beef up the romance side of things. Oh goodie.

* Live action Scooby-Doo director Raja Gosnell is bringing another dodgy old TV ’toon to the big screen. He’s been announced as the director for Sony’s upcoming Smurfs movie, reports Variety . The script is by Audrey (George of the Jungle) Wells. Gosnell has recently directed Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Honestly, how could it fail with a calibre like that?

* Cameron Diaz is in talks to appear as the love interest in Seth Rogan’s The Green Hornet, according to . One day, there might be an exciting piece of new to report about this project. Like they’ve canned it or something.

* MTV Splash Page reports that Edgar (Shaun Of The Dead) Wright still plans to direct a big screen version of Ant Man, and he’ll return to developing the project when work on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is complete.