Thursday Link-A-Mania

No Prayer for Preacher
Daredevil and Ghost Rider director Mark Stephen Johnson has told Comics Continuum that HBO has pulled the plug on his planned TV adaptation of Preacher because it was too dark. "We were budgeting and everything and it was getting really close to going," says Johnson. "But the new head of HBO felt it was just too dark and too violent and too controversial. Which, of course, is kind of the point! It was a very faithful adaptation of the first few books, nearly word for word. They offered me the chance to redevelop it but I refused.”

Del Toro Not Short of Work for the Next Decade
He may be tied up with The Hobbit for the next five years or so, but Guillermo del Toro won’t be short of work when he returns from New Zealand. As part of a deal he signed with Universal last year, he has already set up for prospective projects: Frankenstein, Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Slaughterhouse Five and an adaptation of Dan Simmons’s as-yet-unpublished Drood. And what’s the betting he'll manage to slip in another Spanish-language film in between those as well? According to Variety Drood will most likely be his first post-Hobbit job.

Ghost Rider’s European Vacation
Nicolas Cage has told Coming Soon that there have been discussions about a follow-up to Ghost Rider: "Yes, actually, had a nice meeting with the studio about 3-months ago, and we talked about going international with that character. Taking him into Europe, having him go on a motorcycle tour through Europe, and he's connected with the church, if you can beieve that. So it sort of has elements to it that are very much in the zeitgeist, with "The Da Vinci Code and things like that." He also has a few words to say about the big screen adaptation of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass about a boy who wants to be a superhero.

Transformers On-Set Video
As part of some deal or other, the Wal-Mart site is going to hosting a number of Transformers behind-the-scenes videos over the coming weeks. There’s already a video of the first day’s shooting on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The access code you need is AllSpark62609.

Fringe Benefits has five preview pages from the comic spin-off of the new JJ Abrams TV show, Fringe, which just happens to be written by Joss Whedon’s bro’, Zack.