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Thursday Link-A-Mania

“I”m not Superman,” says Chuck star; Road To Perdition sequel near; Forever War film scripter revealed (maybe); Dead Space film gets a director…

• With rumours flying around about C huck star Zachary Levi playing Superman in the new Christopher Nolan-guided re-boot movie, MTV thought it necessary to get the skinny from the horse‘s mouth. “It’s complete fiction,” Levi said when asked about the rumours. However he did express a desire to play The Flash if the opportunity was ever to present itself.

• According to MTV , a deal for the Road to Perdition sequel is underway. “I can only tease, I’m afraid,” says writer, Max Allan Collins. “We seem to be right on the brink, or maybe it’s the precipice, I don’t know, of a deal being signed.”

Unforgiven and Blade Runner writer David Webb Peoples has been inadvertently announced as the writer for Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Joe Haldeman’s classic novel, The Forever War . According to SyFy , Haldeman himself announced it – perhaps by accident – via his blog, by saying, “Scott has a script; last I heard, it was the fourth rewrite. I’ve talked to the writer – he has good credits, like Unforgiven .” Let’s hope this is true.

Latino Review reports that filmmaker DJ Caruso is taking on the film version of the game Dead Space. We’ve got a really good sort of storyline,” he revealed. “It’s almost a prequel, sort of, to where the game picks up.” Do we really need another video game movie?

There were many rumours flying around the web yesterday about the possibility of Quentin Tarantino directing The Shadow, but when asked about it, an official representative of Tarantino told MTV News, “There is no truth to this story,” Aceshowbiz reports.

Mark Millar has announced that he has been offered the position of Ambassador for a comic festival held within the Glasgow February Film Festival. “So naturally I agreed” says Millar on his blog “and will be tapping up my UK comic buddies as guests AND...OH HELL YES...picking the comic-book movies to be shown during the festival.” As ambassador, he is also calling for suggestions from the public. (That’s nice of him)