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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Doctor Who Wii game is a disaster; Law And Order: Hogwarts ; Spider-Man casting; Downey drops out of Gravity ; Paranormal Activity 3 ; and more…

Doctor Who Wii Game A Disaster Too
If you thought the Doctor Who DS game was getting some pretty rough reviews, wait till you hear what the games mags are saying about the Wii game, Doctor Who Return To Earth . According to a 19% review in Offical Nintnedo Magazine , it was, “Clearly made by people who hate games, sci-fi, and everything decent about humanity.” Click here for the full review.

Zemeckis Will Not Remake Oz
Spokespeople for Robert ( Back To The Future ) Zemeckis have vehemently denied that he will be directing Warner Bros’ remake of The Wizard Of Oz, reports The Wrap .

Caribbean Team To Create Magical Law Show
The director and one of the writers of the first three Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, Gore Verbinski and Terry Rossio, are developing a new fantasy TV drama for Fox currently being called Magical Law. According to Vulture , “it takes place in a Harry Potter –esque world where supernatural beings are part of the fabric of everyday life. Somebody’s got to keep those all-powerful types under control, and Magical Law , to be penned by Rossio, revolves around the cops and lawyers charged with prosecuting otherworldly crimes.” Law And Order: Hogwarts, anyone?