This outrageous RTX 3080 Alienware Aurora R12 deal has almost sold out

Alienware Aurora R12
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Picking up a new RTX 3080 PC deal has been the smart way to go for a while now, especially considering some of the outrageous prices flying around for RTX 3080 stock for anyone looking to buy the card alone. This Alienware Aurora R12 deal is excellent value compared to giving scalpers a single penny though. You'll find the RTX 3080 gaming PC available for just $2,155 at Dell ($333 off the $2,389.99 MSRP). That's a steal considering the raw power under the hood.

You'll have to be really quick though. At the time of writing, Dell has sold 76% of its stock at this drastically discounted price. 


Alienware Aurora R12 | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$2489.99 $2155.99 at Dell
Save $333.99: The Aurora R12 is a serious powerhouse that's more than ready for modern gaming demands at higher settings. The hard-to-find RTX 3080 card is supported by 16GB of RAM, an 11th-gen i7 processor, 512GB of M.2 SSD storage along with 1TB of SATA capacity too. Oh, and a free digital copy of the new Guardians of the Galaxy game is thrown in too. Nice.

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The Alienware Aurora R12 sits right at the very top of our best gaming PC guide and offers superb value even before a discount, so we're really excited about this deal and it looks like other RTX GPU fans are too given stock of the deal is running frighteningly low.

Yes, there may well be some Black Friday gaming PC deals coming next month, plus some portable Black Friday gaming laptop deals, but there's no guarantee this same build will return at a lower price or even match this lowest-ever offer. Sure, we've optimistically put together a Black Friday graphics card deals guide and will be updating that with any news on the day, but it's quite likely the RTX 30-series cards will be a no-show.

It's tough out there for anyone wanting to build their own RTX 3080 gaming PC when obtaining such a crucial part is so difficult, so we really are advising any gamer wanting to get in on the 30-series to consider looking for a pre-build or maybe one of the best gaming laptops

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