How to get to Paradiso in Starfield

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You'll find the Starfield Paradiso resort location in the Porrima System with its shops, missions, and places to lounge by the beach! Paradiso is easily one of the most luxurious places you can visit in the Settled Systems, and the planet features constant sunny weather during the day, which means it's ideal for relaxing and passing time in Starfield. Since it's got plenty of shops and is generally well equipped, it serves as a useful stopping point like a city, even if you're not there to complete a mission. It’s definitely worth knowing the Paradiso Starfield location so that you can visit for some R&R.

Paradiso location in Starfield

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You can find Paradiso on Porrima II in the Porrima System in Starfield. Open your starmap and initiate a Starfield grav jump to the planet, then select the Paradiso landing zone on the planet map. Porrima isn’t too far from the Volii System, which is where Neon is, so you could try fast travelling there first if you can't reach Porrima directly. Once you’ve arrived at Paradiso, you should visit the receptionist in the main building to book a luxury room, then hit the beach and relax.

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Upon arriving at Porrima II, you will have picked up the Starfield First Contact mission, which you can start progressing by visiting the Paradiso security office near the landing pad, where they’ll tell you about the lone ship that’s been orbiting the planet for a while. You can also speak to the receptionist, Dirk, to pick up a mission involving missing luggage.

Paradiso also functions a lot like one of the major Starfield cities. It’s got a spaceport with its own ship services technician, as well as its own shops, including an Enhance! clinic where you can change appearance in Starfield and the galaxy’s only gourmet Chunks restaurant.

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