How to wait in Starfield and pass time

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Wondering how to wait in Starfield and pass time until something important? Usually the ability to wait is used for those who want to sell things to merchants and need for them to restock their cash supplies to actually be able to buy your loot, but it can serve other functions. Sometimes you need a specific time for a specific mission, or sometimes you want an NPC to go to bed so you can ransack their treasure or rummage through their computer. Whatever your motivation, we'll explain how to wait in Starfield below and pass time.

How to wait and pass time in Starfield

Starfield sleeping in bed wait menu

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If you want to wait in Starfield and pass time, you need to find a piece of furniture - specifically somewhere you can sit or lie down, like a chair, sofa, stool or bed. Then just choose to sit or lie down accordingly by looking at it and pressing the A button when indicated.

After relaxing, you'll get a prompt to press Y to wait, whereupon you can choose for how long you want to wait, up to 24 hours, It's not an instant process, but it's massively fast forwarded and will speed by in a few seconds while you wait for the timer to elapse.

If you do want to do this, it's better to do it in a bed - you can get a well-rested perk that grants you a 10% experience bonus for a time (increased to 15% if you do it with a romantic partner for the "Emotional Security"). 

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