All Starfield cities we know of and what you'll find in them

Starfield cities
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Starfield cities are apparently going to be bigger than ever, and three major locations have been revealed, each headquarters for different factions. We know that there'll be cities and settlements spread across the galaxy beyond these three, but at time of writing these are the ones we know of in Starfield. Read on for a basic Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, and all the revealed major cities in Starfield.

Starfield cities and major locations

There are three Starfield cities and key locations we know of so far:

  • New Atlantis
  • Akila City
  • Neon

Each of these serves as a central point for one of the Starfield factions, though there's still a couple of factions in play that we don't know about the headquarters of yet, or even if they'll have such a central location to operate from. This isn't an exhaustive list of cities at time of writing, remember - only ones that Bethesda have announced or shown in official reveals.

We also know that these vast cities will be found in different Starfield star systems, so some amount of travel will be necessary to move between them. This is hardly surprising - New Atlantis and Akila City, for example, are owned by different political superpowers - effectively nations - so it doesn't make sense for their capitals to be anywhere close to each other.

Nonetheless, we'll cover the revealed cities and key locations below, with everything we know about them so far.

New Atlantis

Starfield cities atlantis city

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  • Faction(s): United Colonies, Constellation
  • Planet: Jemison
  • System: Alpha Centauri

It's been revealed that New Atlantis is bigger than any city in Skyrim, Oblivion, or Fallout - in fact, it's the biggest city that Bethesda have ever made, full-stop. The central capital of the powerhouse United Colonies and location for Constellation's headquarters, early info and concept art make New Atlantis appear powerful, wealthy, and well-equipped, with a distinct military edge. In an official video from Design Director Emil Pagliarulo, New Atlantis is described accordingly:

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Pagliarulo: "The city is a true melting pot and its residents come from every race, creed and ethnicity. In a lot of ways, New Atlantis is a true reflection of the future of our world."

In an interview with IGN, game director Todd Howard made these comments about the UC's capital.

Howard: "It has all the services you would expect, and you can work on your ship there, the factions touch that(.) But that’s also the headquarters for Constellation, which is the faction that you join that is the last group of space explorers – kind of this NASA-meets-Indiana Jones-meets-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [group]."

It seems like New Atlantis will be pretty mandatory as a stopping point for players, considering that Constellation provides the game's main story. So with their headquarters in New Atlantis, not to mention offering a wealth of options for Starfield ship customization, this feels like somewhere you'll almost certainly spend a lot of time.

Akila City

Starfield cities akila city

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  • Faction(s): Freestar Collective
  • Planet: Unknown
  • System: Unknown

There's a lot less detail about Akila City than New Atlantis, but we know that it's the central capital for the Freestar Collective faction, the frontier separatives, and concept art shows a more ramshackle, industrial settlement on a world with open plains and mountains. However, developer commentary reveals some more details, good and bad.

Pagliarulo: "Behold Akila City, the capital of the Freestar Collective, a loose confederation of three distinct star systems. The city itself is home to a variety of people, but they all have one thing in common: they believe in the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality.

"Akila City is walled for a reason, and stepping outside those walls means facing the deadly Ashta, alien predators that are a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor."

Yikes. No visuals or further info on the Ashta yet, but clearly they're a significant threat. Still, the Freestar Collective are meant to evoke the feeling of classic space westerns, so those hoping to channel Cowboy Bebop, Firefly or even Borderlands might be well-advised to fly in this direction, wherever Akila turns out to be.


Starfield cities neon

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  • Faction(s): Ryujin Industries, Xenofresh Corporation
  • Planet: Unknown
  • System: Unknown, but possibly Volii

Built by the Xenofresh Corporation, Neon originally started as a fishing platform out in the ocean of a "rather nondescript aquatic world". Bethesda tells us that after discovering a species of fish with psychotropic qualities, Xenofresh manufactured the substance into a drug called Aurora - legal only on Neon - and the platform has since changed into a glitzy "pleasure city" seemingly halfway between Las Vegas and Cyberpunk's Night City.

Ryujin Industries, one of the game's biggest factions, have also built their headquarters here, despite the platform being built by a different megacorporation (or perhaps Ryujin have since acquired Xenofresh, we'll find out).

How many cities are there in Starfield?

Starfield cities new atlantis

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In the earlier interview mentioned with IGN, Todd Howard revealed that Starfield would have four major cities that stand out among its settlements. New Atlantis, Akila City and Neon are confirmed to be three of those, but it remains to be seen what the final city is. Considering that only one major faction remains without their own city - the Crimson Fleet Pirates - it's possible that the last metropolis will be a seedy, Bethesda-brand Mos Eisley. Alternatively, a faction like the UC might simply be big enough to have more than one city, or perhaps the reveal of ancient artifacts will take us to a new civilization with its own capital…? It remains to be seen, but we'll be sure to update this page both before and after Starfield's release as new information emerges. 

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