The Starfield Ryujin questline in full

Starfield Ryujin questline
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Starting the Starfield Ryujin questline means you're an official employee of the megacorporation, and your duties include industrial espionage and underhand tactics to keep the tech giant on top. Though to even begin the questline, you need to apply for a job at the company using a red Ryujin Industries kiosk. A successful application means you'll get started on this Starfield path, taking you to Neon but eventually all over the Settled Systems. If you're delving into the dark underbelly of the business world, then here's a complete rundown of the Ryujin questline missions in Starfield.

Back To The Grind

After overhearing an announcement while pootling around Jemison, head to a Ryujin Industries Kiosk and follow the prompts to apply for a job. It doesn't matter what you select during the application process as the recruitment algorithm is messed up and accepting everyone, though your responses will dictate what is said during the interview itself. Travel to Neon on Volii Alpha in the Volii System, then enter Ryujin Tower and speak to Lane Garza who will direct you to your interview with Imogene Salzo.

Take a seat with Imogene and go through the interview process, after which you'll be sent to pick up a coffee order from the local Terrabrew. In the coffee shop you'll be confronted by your predecessor Tomo, with options to Persuade or Attack him. Whatever the outcome, return to Imogene – she already knows about the incident, and gives you a new position due to how you handled things (diplomatically or violently). Head to the boardroom to deliver coffees and meet the other executives, before Imogene gives you your first proper assignment.

One Step Ahead

For your first taste of industrial espionage, you need to upload a program to a computer at CeltCorp, so head to Neon Core and locate their office. Once inside, approach the marked computer and complete the Novice lockpicking to access it – crouch behind the desk and wait for the nearby security guard to move on before you start, so you aren't detected. Upload the program, leave the office, and return to Imogene at Ryujin Tower.

A New Narrative

For your next job you need to plant some incriminating evidence at Laredo Firearms, so head over to Akila City and look for somewhere to stash the Confidential Files data slate, such as a filing cabinet or desk. Once inside the gun shop, open the door beside the counter and head upstairs to find the back office. You aren't considered trespassing here but there's an employee milling around, so make sure you aren't detected by them when you Novice lockpick the office door and the chest found within. Place the Confidential Files data slate inside the chest, then leave the building and return to Imogene at Ryujin Tower.

Access Is Key

This assignment involves getting a Security Keycard from the Security Chief at HopeTech, and the optional objective to wear a Suit or Security Guard Uniform can make things somewhat easier. If you want to go down that route, visit the shop in the lobby at Ryujin Tower and speak to Aito Suzuki, who will sell you a suit for a reasonable price. Wear that then head to HopeTown and track down the Security Chief, who will talk to you if you're smartly dressed. This gives you the chance to Persuade them to hand over the card, though it's worth saving beforehand as you'll end up fighting if things don't go to plan. If you don't want to go with a disguise, the other option is to sneak up behind them and pickpocket the card, though again you should save in case things go south. With the keycard secured, return to Imogene.

Sowing Discord

This mission deals in social subterfuge, as you need to convince a couple of executives to stop a deal being struck between Quantum Synergies and Infinity LTD. You'll find them both in the Astral Lounge, with Zola Adisa to the side of the dance floor, and Arthur Cruz in Booth 1 up on the VIP balcony. Strike up a conversation, then use Persuade and select any of the following talking points from their dossier slates if they come up in order to sway them:

  • Zola Adisa:
  • Infinity LTD is the "cheap" version of Ryujin Industries.
  • Infinity is a follower, not a leader, when it comes to innovation.
  • Infinity lacks clear vision with constant reorganization.
  • Praise Quantum Synergies if the opportunity is presented.

  • Arthur Cruz:
  • Infinity profits are fabricated. One audit would ruin them.
  • Ryujin's profits are 25.7% higher and produce a higher quality product.
  • Infinity's marketing and legal teams can't compare to Ryujin's.
  • Ryujin's Industries provides financial security.

With them convinced, you need to finish tanking the agreement by switching Nina Hart's presentation, so head down the balcony corridor to find a locked VIP Booth. As long as the patrolling guard isn't nearby you can easily pick the Novice lock, then get inside and swap presentations before heading back to Imogene.

Accidents Happen

It's now time to make things difficult for a competitor, by triggering an 'accident' by planting an ARC device so that it appears to be gross negligence on their part. Head back to HopeTech, then go inside and work your way through the building to the shipyard at the back – don't worry as you won't be challenged on the way. Follow the mission marker to a particular ship, then interact with the ladder inside to go to the upper deck. A security guard is in the area near the panel you need to plant the ARC device on, so wait for them to walk into the next section before shutting the door between you to avoid detection. Plant the ARC device, then return to Imogene and report your success.

Maintaining The Edge

Your next job is to steal prototype plans from the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard orbiting Akila, and although this sounds tricky it's actually a walk in the park. Dock with the Staryard, then work your way down to the engineering lab area. Wait until the patrolling guards are out of sight, before picking the Novice locks on the office and the storage chest inside. Swipe the Prototype Schematic, then simply stroll out of there and return to Ryujin HQ.

Top Secrets

You're moving up in the world of Ryujin Industries, and your security clearance has now been increased so you can access the Executive Floor and meet with Ularu Chen. Go upstairs and speak to Maeve, who will then get you in to speak with Ularu. You'll be briefed to go and meet Simon Ryczek, who has information on a new Infinity LTD product, and offered a 1,000 credits reimbursement against any 'expenses' incurred in obtaining the intel. You'll be provided with a code phrase, so when Simon says "Looks like the Galactic Raiders are the number one pick for the Universal Championship this year" you need to respond with "Razor derby is the only real sport."

Meet Simon above the ship bay in Cydonia on Mars, start chatting and use the code phrase when it comes up. Now he wants 10,000 credits for the information, though you can Persuade him down to 8,000 credits – he will also offer a side job to kill a merc who's chasing him and bring their gun back as proof, to waive the credit cost entirely. Either complete the side job or pay the price, then you'll receive a couple of files to access with info on Stanley McMillan, Infinity LTD Senior Sales Rep. Head to the offices opposite, where Stanley McMillan's computer will be marked. The information provided by Simon will tell you what times he is out of the office, but if you go there late in the evening you should find it empty. Hack the Novice lock on the computer, then navigate to the Project Dominion presentation and perform another Novice hack to drop the file onto your data slate. Take this back to Ularu at HQ, then after her revelation follow her to meet with Masako Imado.

Background Checks

Go and see Dalton Fiennes, who is now trying to track down the mole inside Ryujin. Directive Theta is in effect, so you'll need to infiltrate Ryujin Tower as an outsider to run the scanning program on Ularu's computer. Go and meet Nyx at Madame Sauvage's Place, and he will trade you the program for a price or a favor. The favor is to also steal data on another employee while you're infiltrating the tower, but if you don't want to do that then either pay the 2,500 credits or use Persuade to reduce the cost – in my experience Nyx is very hard to convince, so you might as well take the favor or settle. Once you have the slate with the program on it, leave the bar then follow the mission marker up the scaffolding to the rooftops, hit the button the turn the crane and create a path, then parkour over to the vent giving access to Ryujin Tower. It's best to leave your companion behind if you have one, as they'll only make it easier for you to get spotted once you start sneaking around.

When you're inside, you'll need to stealth your way past the guards to get to your destination – interact with the panel in the first vent you enter to drop the lights and make it easier to hide. There's a long series of sections full of guards ahead which are increasingly difficult to avoid, so at some point you may want to bite the bullet and just sprint through – you'll receive a small bounty and be detected, but as long as you don't get too close to any of the guards they won't arrest you. After running the program on Ularu's computer you can make an easy exit from the building using the vent in the ceiling of her office, then go and visit Nyx to collect the information. He'll tell you it doesn't paint Imogene in a good light, but that it's also possible for the information to be falsified. Return the information to Dalton and he'll comment on your efforts – don't worry if you were spotted or even killed a few guards in the process, as it's 'taken care of' by the legal team. He sees Imogene is the main suspect, and asks you to bring her to him for questioning.

Guilty Parties

When you go to Imogene's office to start the Starfield Guilty Parties mission you'll find that she's not there, so speak to Yuko outside and ask her to reveal Imogene's current location. She'll point you to Frankie's Grab & Go, a front for the Seokguh Syndicate. You then have a choice to head straight there, or speak to Dalton to get executive sign off. If you see Dalton, he'll in turn direct you to Benjamin Bayu, head of the Syndicate, so visit the Trade Tower to meet with him. Enter the Astral Lounge, then take the VIP Elevator up and head around the back of the balcony to Booth 4. Explain the situation to Bayu, then you'll either have to accept a side mission to recover a data slate from a Syndicate leader, or successfully persuade him to grant you access.

Either way, your next step is to visit Frankie's Grab & Go and speak to Frankie herself. If Bayu put in a word for you then she'll open the door to the Syndicate Hideout for you, otherwise you can try to Persuade her or even pickpocket the key. Alternatively, follow the other mission marker up to the roof and hack the vent to enter the hideout that way instead. Once inside, go straight through to the Syndicate Backroom to find Imogene, who reveals the truth about the plot by Ularu to frame her for the Project Dominion leak. You can then choose to kill her, try to bring her in, or leave her where she is - I highly recommend leaving her in safety while you unravel the plot against her. Go back to Ryujin Tower, where you can confront Ularu first – don't get into a fight with her as Dalton will then set the guards on you. Instead, give the evidence to Dalton and agree to work with him to try to take Ularu down.

The Key Ingredient

Go to the R&D floor in the elevator and speak to Masako, who wants to wrap up the Project Dominion situation. You should agree to undergo the procedure to receive the implant, as it will be required for the next mission. To start your investigation, you'll need to find the missing supply of rothicite from the mine on Carinae III-a, so head there to investigate and land at CM Station RC-1. Enter the mine and fight your way through many Eclipse enemies, before defeating the final boss to discover who they were hired by and where the rothicite is going.

Next, visit The Clinic in the Narion System, Persuade or otherwise convince the Freestar Guard to let you into the restricted area, then speak to Dr Lane. Ideally, get him away from his computer through dialogue, so you can read his files and swipe the rothicite sample without being caught. Return to Masako and Veena to complete the mission, and set up the big finale.


It's time to take Infinity LTD down in the Starfield Sabotage penultimate mission, so go and speak to Dalton to receive the necessary data program you need to plant. Following a board meeting, you'll be sent to R&D to get the Project Dominion implant installed, then shown a brief tutorial for how to use it on DeMarcus. Masako will then brief you on the two options for infiltrating Infinity LTD – sneak in through the vents and avoid detection, or enter the office with a fake ID and talk your way through. Both options are tricky, so I'll outline to route I took below.

After entering Infinity LTD and being greeted for your meeting, take the elevator up to the roof. Open the vent, then use your new-found mind control to make the guard opposite turn off the big fan, so you can drop to the area below. Hack the controls to overload the heating system, filling the building with gas and evacuating everyone except the guards. Open the vent opposite then follow the marker up to Lucas' office, hacking the door if needed then hacking the computer to upload the Overseer Program. Next, hope down the nearby pipes and follow the stairs down towards R&D, where you can climb through a vent and drop down the lift shaft to gain access.

If you haven't done so already, now is probably the time to go 'weapons hot' and take down the guards with stun or lethal weapons. Head to Faye's office and hack her computer, then grab the keycard from her desk to access the secure area with the Neuroamp Prototype. In there, you can hack the security computer to stop the alarms sounding (if they aren't going off already, that is) then grab the Prototype and head back towards the lift shaft you entered through to find another functioning lift you can escape in. Return to Ryujin HQ and you're almost done.

Executive Level

Your final mission in the Starfield Ryujin questline is to speak to all of the Executives, and convince them to either accept or reject the Infinity LTD takeover deal. You can also bring up Project Dominion, and sway them towards continuing or shelving that research. It's easy to steer them in either direction using your mind control powers, then once you've spoken to everyone head to the board room to see the results pan out. Whatever you choose, the rewards you receive at the end are the same, so you're basically just deciding what sort of future everyone else has to live in.

Afterwards you'll be given your own office in Ryujin Tower, with a kiosk you can use to get more missions in the same vein as your previous assignments here. You'll also find several new weapons and some handy resources in your office – congratulations, you're now part of the corporate machine!

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