How to complete the Starfield Guilty Parties mission

Starfield Guilty Parties - Yuko
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The Starfield Guilty Parties mission sees you helping Dalton expose a mole within Ryujin Industries, with Imogene as the prime suspect. You've got to track down her down for questioning by getting through a syndicate hideout but, as always in Starfield, things aren't quite what they seem. That means you've got to do a bit more digging to get to the bottom to find out who's really the guilty mole, leading into a pretty big decision for the Starfield Ryujin questline. Below, I've laid out how to uncover the truth and the outcomes of all the possible choices in the Guilty Parties Starfield mission.

How to access the Seokguh Syndicate hideout in Starfield

Starfield Guilty Parties - Benjamin Bayu

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After discovering Imogene is not in her office, Yuko will direct you to Frankie's Grab & Go, which is a front for the Seokguh Syndicate hideout. If you then follow the optional objective to speak to Dalton, he'll point you in the direction of Benjamin Bayu in the Trade Tower. Head to the Astral Lounge there, then take the elevator up to the VIP Balcony and go to Booth 4. Here you can either Persuade him to grant you access to the hideout, or agree to do him a favor in exchange for getting in.

Starfield Guilty Parties - Frankie

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Next, head to the Grab & Go and meet Frankie, who is behind the counter. Speak to her and see if you can get the Seokguh Syndicate Keycard – if she doesn't give it up willingly, you can also try to pickpocket it from her, though this is tricky as there are various people around. Without the keycard, your other option is to follow the mission marker up to the rooftop, then pick the novice lock on the vent to get inside. 

Should you let Imogene live or die in Starfield?

Starfield Guilty Parties - Imogene

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Once you're inside the hideout, follow the mission marker to the Syndicate Backroom, avoiding any syndicate members as much as possible along the way so they don't become hostile. Confront Imogene and she'll reveal that she was set up by Ularu, who is the real mole. She'll give you a slate with all the evidence to prove her own innocence, after which you can decide Imogene's fate by killing her or sparing her life. Killing her will give a worse outcome to this plotline, so I recommend you let Imogene live and head back to Ryujin Tower.

Possible outcomes for Guilty Parties in Starfield

Starfield Guilty Parties - Ularu

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When you return to Ryujin Tower, you'll have an optional objective to speak to Ularu before you meet with Dalton. If you confront Ularu in her office, you'll be able to steer the conversation towards one of three possible outcomes:

  • Kill Ularu: Show your loyalty to the current CEO Masoka by killing the mole, which becomes a bad outcome as Dalton then sends in guards to attack you.
  • Side with Ularu: Ularu will become the CEO of Ryujin, and Imogene will be put in danger, which is a bad outcome if you want to protect Imogene.
  • Protect Imogene: By exposing Ularu as the mole and telling Dalton the truth, things will go back to the way they were and Imogene will be safe, so this is arguably the best outcome.

Starfield Guilty Parties - Dalton

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To complete the mission, you need to go downstairs and talk to Dalton. Note that if you went to speak with Ularu first, then your dialogue options will be significantly restricted to steer the conversation towards the outcome you decided upon above. If you skipped over Ularu, then it's much easier to simply tell Dalton the truth and let things play out from there. Whichever path you choose, you'll receive some Med Packs, 4,800 Credits, and 250XP when you conclude the Guilty Parties mission in Starfield.

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