SFX reviewer's book gets agent

Last week it was announced that Saxon Bullock, no stranger to the reviews pages of your favourite SF and fantasy magazine, was signed by the John Jarrold Literary Agency . Saxon Bullock has been working as a freelance writer since 2000 - has has just completed his first novel, an epic science fiction story entitled The Hypernova Gambit.

"Once in a while I see a novel that grabs me from the first page," said veteran editor and agent John Jarrold. "That was the case here, as it was when I read Ken MacLeod’s debut when I worked with Random House in he mid-90s. I knew within the first six pages that I wanted to publish Ken, and I was equally certain within six pages of starting Saxon’s novel that I wanted to represent him. I got that pricking of my thumbs that every editor and agent loves, and sees all too seldom!"

Speaking of The Hypernova Gambit, Jarrold continues: "Its characters, colour, pace and plotlines are truly wonderful, and Saxon’s prose sparkles with invention and wit." We look forward to getting it in the office in the future for review. We'll probably get somebody other than Saxon to review this one.

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