Sekiro Chained Ogre boss guide: How to defeat the first boss in the game

Sekiro Chained Ogre boss
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Okay, the Sekiro Chained Ogre boss is a mini-boss battle, but he's also the first boss of any kind you'll encounter. So, while in the grand scheme of things, he's small fry, at the stage you meet him in Sekiro he's a brute. Especially with an insta-kill attack and a small arena to face him in. It's the start of a long journey through the game's bosses, though, so here's what you need to know to defeat the Sekiro Chained Ogre.

How to kill the Sekiro Chained Ogre

You can up your chances with a couple of little bits of preparation. First of all, make sure you have oil, the Flame Vent, and the Firecrackers. The Firecrackers stun it for a time and if you chuck oil at it then use the Flame Vent you will get a couple of seconds of interrupted hits in on the monster. 

The other trick to beating it involves making sure you get a sneak attack in order to land the first deathblow. You can do this by making sure it frees itself from the rather flimsy fence it is tied to, then just running away until it is no longer interested. Then, simply go back to it and sneak up in order to land a free deathblow. 

The fight itself feels a lot more intimidating than it actually is. The main attacks to watch out for are the grab attacks that are unblockable. The best way to avoid these is to just dodge away from the beat and out of range, thereby removing any potential tracking issues. 

You can parry all of its other attacks or just take it out using oil and fire in order to launch a nigh on constant stream of attacks. The Chained Ogre will be down before you know it thanks to a posture kill or simply removing its health completely. 

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