Sekiro True Corrupted Monk boss guide: How to defeat the Corrupted Monk for a second time

Sekiro True Corrupted Monk boss
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Yes, the Sekiro True Corrupted Monk boss does look familiar. He's a tougher version of the previous monk boss you encountered, now with three times the number of deathblows need to kill him and a giant insect arm to deal with. This Fountainhead Palace fight can be a bit of a shock to start with in Sekiro, but there are smaller health bars and a few tricks you can exploit that mean it's achievable. Especially if you use our help in defeating Sekiro True Corrupted Monk boss.

How to kill the Sekiro True Corrupted Monk boss

The first phase is almost exactly the same as when you fought her in Mibu Village. The main difference is that Snap Seeds no longer have a stunning effect, though Firecrackers work throughout this fight. Use the parry liberally and watch for the unblockable attacks in order to punish them with a Mikiri Counter of a jump. 

Immediately after you deal the first deathblow grapple up to the highest tree and you should be able to perform an aerial deathblow on the Monk as she tries to summon illusions to attack you. If you miss your chance at this point you can do it whenever the illusions begin or end, so do that. Otherwise, it is the same as the first phase. In the event the illusions do come out, you can dodge them by constantly grappling from one tree to another like Spider-Man. 

The final phase has a demonic centipede and a couple of new attacks. She can now use the centipede to spew general grossness at you and try and inflict terror, you can punish this by getting to her side and getting in a few attacks. This final phase is the best time to use the Firecracker to stun lock her. Use it and attack 3-4 times before using it again and she will fall after another couple of deathblows. 

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