Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss guide: How to defeat the strong sharpshooter

Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss guide
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Taking on the Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss is one of the hardest fights in the game. He's fast, uses a spear, arrows and lightning; has multiple stages and comes back just when you think you've killed him, to drain the last of your reserve. If Sekiro is a game of hard, then this is the hardest hard it hards in the whole hard. Our advice on how to beat the Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss should help at least. Good luck. 

How to kill the Sekiro Genichiro Ashina boss

He tends to start the fight by launching an arrow at you and then rolling into a slash. Be prepared to deflect both of these attacks before going on the offensive. You will be spending a lot of time being incredibly fluid and switching between attacking and deflecting. His flurry follows a couple of spinning slashes and is a great chance to mash the parry button and deal a huge amount of posture damage. 

In his first life bar, the unblockable attack can be nullified by using the Mikiri Counter. The second life bar adds in a sweeping attack which means it is time to jump on his head. Other than this you need to be wary of him jumping back and up as he is about to unleash a barrage of arrows. Deflect the arrows and keep an eye out for the last one which has slightly different timing. 

Once you have taken him out he rises once again but infused with lightning. He actually has far lower posture and health in this form as he no longer has armour so keep on the offensive. The attacks to watch for here are the lightning attacks. To make the most of these jump into the air just before he attacks you and then hit throw the lightning back at him by attacking for huge damage. 

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