Sekiro Ashina Elite boss guide: How to defeat the rapid swordsman

Sekiro Ashina Elite boss
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The Sekiro Ashina Elite boss fight is basically make or break for your parrying skills in Sekiro. His fast flurry of attacks can ruin you quickly if you can't learn the tells and deflect the incoming blows. If you can get the timing down, what initially appears like an impossible fight can be over in barely minutes. 

You'll meet the Sekiro Ashina Elite boss in Ashina Castle after a tough enough fight across the rooftops to get the. It's not exactly the break you might be hoping for but with our guidance you should be able to face down the Ashina Elite easily.

How to kill the Sekiro Ashina Elite boss

Sekiro Ashina Elite boss guide

The fight is intense, fast-paced, and seems almost insurmountable. It is also one of the moments that really demands you learn how to parry effectively. If you can’t parry this lightning-fast swordsman than you are doomed to be cut into several small pieces and left to die on the floor. 

If you can parry, then this fight is an absolute doddle. The key to this fight is in paying close attention to the Ashina Elite’s sheath on his hip. It is at this point that the Elite will dash forward and loose to sword strikes in quick succession. If you can parry these successfully you will deal a monstrous amount of posture damage. 

If you can do this around three times then the Elite will be vulnerable to a deathblow and will fall. There are other attacks to parry as well, but this double-strike is by far and away the best chance to trash his posture and take him down. In between these attacks if you try to get in close and hit him once or twice you can literally end this fight in under a minute. 

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