Sekiro Emma, the Gentle Blade boss guide: How to defeat Emma and her not-so-gentle blade

Sekiro Emma, the Gentle Blade boss guide
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You only face the Sekiro Emma the Gentle Blade boss fight if you end up with the worst Sekiro ending. So, honestly? You might as well just start over at this point. However, if you're going to see it through and kill one of Sekiro's kindest characters then we've got some advice to help. You monster.  

The Sekiro Emma the Gentle Blade boss fight precedes the final boss of the bad Shura ending. She also has to be re-fought every single time you die boss that somes after. It's still not too late to wipe you save? No? Okay, here's out help and some tips to take on the Sekiro Emma, the Gentle Blade boss fight.

How to kill the Sekiro Emma, the Gentle Blade boss

Sekiro Emma, the Gentle Blade boss guide

While Emma is a very accomplished swordswoman she lacks in the posture department. As such, your best strategy is to be hyper-aggressive and simply never let up. Her most dangerous attacks tend to be from a distance, so keep close and you can avoid them. Every time she deflects an attack of yours you’ll need to switch to deflecting her strikes until you can resume the beatdown. 

Be wary of her sweeping attack and retaliate by jumping on her head for some good posture damage. The other one to watch for is her grab attack. If she waves her hands in front of her face just run, it is unblockable and has excellent tracking so don’t try to be clever. 

You can also simply cheese this boss by running around her left constantly. She will attempt to hit you with a lot of different sword attacks but should miss with them as you are simply too fast. If you use the small gap between attacks to hit her you will eventually reduce her health to nothing and win the fight. A worthy technique if you’re struggling. 

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