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Sekiro Lady Butterfly boss guide: How to beat the rapid, floating old woman

Sekiro Lady Butterfly boss guide

The Sekiro Lady Butterfly boss is a definite wall because her movements are so fast. However, this is the pace a lot of the game is played at, so she is a great learning experience for your future in Sekiro. Two things to keep in mind; first of all, don’t worry about the Snap Seed, it isn’t particularly useful here. Secondly, she has a second phase you can’t see, to begin with. Just don’t celebrate the end of her first phase by putting the controller down. Here are some tips to taking out the Sekiro Lady Butterfly boss.

How to beat the Sekiro Lady butterfly boss

Sekiro Lady Butterfly boss guide

(Image credit: PlayStation Universe)

The fight itself requires you to be constantly in close-range with her. This cuts out her long-range attacks and will reduce her posture at an alarming rate as long as you can get the parry timing down. A lot of her attacks are long combos so don’t be afraid to stand your ground and parry as much as possible. 

There are two main unblockable attacks to worry about, the easier one to avoid is where she jumps in the air and attempts to introduce her heel to your skull. You can dodge this by simply running in circles. Make sure to land a few attacks of your own after this one as she is quite vulnerable. 

The other unblockable attack is a sweep that she uses at the end of some of her combos. Jump at her and jump off of her in order to break her posture. Follow these steps to get to the second phase. 

The second phase introduces illusions that she summons. Your best bet here is to simply run around the arena. They will eventually transform into a horde of butterflies which can also be avoided by running in a large circle. Aside from this, you want to stay close to her and keep up the unrelenting assault in order to finish her off.  

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