Sekiro Headless locations: How to find and defeat the five optional bosses

Sekiro Headless locations boss guide
Image credit: Sekiro Wiki Fextralife (Image credit: Sekiro Wiki Fextralife)

Why would you want to know where the five Sekiro Headless boss locations are? Because these tough, optional bosses each drop a Spiritfall - an infinite use version of the sugars you use in game to heal and boost Sekiro attributes (Ako, Gokan, Gachiin, Ungo, and Yashariku).

These spiritual battles aren't easy, and two of the five Sekiro Headless boss fights are underwater. Although those actually end up being a little easier because it removes the miasma they emanate on dry land. If you are going to hunt them all down, though, you will need the Mibu Breathing Technique for three of them.  

Sekiro Headless locations

  • Ako: Ashina Outskirts near the shortcut from the Underbridge Idol
  • Gachiin: Hidden Forest in the lower section near the Buddha statue
  • Gokan: Sunkey Valley near the Under-Shrine Valley Idol past two gunmen, after diving into a small pond and reemerging at the other end
  • Ungo: Behind Ashina Castle in the lake
  • Yashariku: At the bottom of the lake in Fountainhead Palace

How to beat the Sekiro Headless boss

Sekiro Headless locations boss guide

Image credit: Boss Fight Database/YouTube (Image credit: Boss Fight Database/YouTube)

For those above ground, you will need Divine Confetti and perfect parry skills. While each strike from them does deal terror even if deflected, it is significantly less if your timing is correct. The main attack to watch out for is the teleport into grab attack, this should be dodged away from. 

Whenever the Headless teleports it will appear behind you, you can actually slash at the air for some free hits. It is definitely worth taking some Pacifying Agent with you in order to reduce terror build up as well. Despite how hard the Headless looks and feels if you stand your ground it isn’t all that tough. If you are comfortable just parrying then you don’t need to use the Divine Confetti, though it will speed the fight up. 

It is also possible to cheese this fight by simply getting behind the Headless. The AI will cause the thing to turn to face you, you can hit it once and then get behind it again if you are quick. You can repeat this until it is dead. Just make sure you are using the Divine Confetti.

For the underwater Headless the strategy is very different. Surprisingly, the answer is to take the fight to the beast as quickly as possible. Stay in melee range and just keep attacking. If the unblockable attack or the spell is about to be cast then dash behind it and continue the assault. It is well worth using the Mottled Purple Gourd before the fight to ensure your survival. 

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