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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Geothermal Valley (2/2)

Document #11 - Aurora, the Physician

In a little alcove to the left right after Mural #4.

Document #12 - The Abandoned City

After the village attack by Trinity, move through the rubble until you reach the broken bridge. Step into the building nearby to find this atop a table by the injured.

Document #13 - On the Threats of Wolves

You can't get any of the documents from here on out until you've been through The Acropolis. Check the small shelter near the zipline closest to the Cliffside Lookout camp to find this.

Document #14 - Summer

Further down the ravine, peak around the biggest wooden structure to find this atop a crate.

Document #15 - Intercepted

As you make your way through the occupied village, you'll come to a large bonfire. This is in the room immediately after, by a computer.

Document #16 - Forgiveness

Check the western edge of the village to find this atop a crate by a barrel fire.

Document #17 - On Bears

Use the tree near Document #16 to reach the ridge immediately north. Up here, you'll find another document atop a table.

Document #18 - The Sermon

On the same ridge is a cave blocked by a flammable barrier use fire arrows or a Molotov to break through, and you'll find a document on the cave floor inside.

Document #19 - Initiation

Check atop the crates near the spikes that divide the halves of the village.

Document #20 - The Goal

Found by the second bonfire. Before heading into the large building, hang a left on the deck to find this.

Document #21 - Lost in Memories

Now head inside, and you'll find this on a crate at the top of the stairs.

Document #22 - The Visitor

Atop a crate by the Cathedral Courtyard camp.

Relic #4 - Arrowhead

At the very northern tip of the map, up a flight of stairs.

Document #23 - Vow of Poverty

As you climb toward the cathedral, you can spot this by an iron door.

Document #24 - The Remnant

You can't get this until you've returned from the Flooded Archives, as that drops you in the northernmost part of the area. Once you're back, head east from the Ridgeline camp to spot this tree-platform across a gap. Use the tree branch to get across, then use a grapple jump to hoist yourself up to the platform where the document rests.

Relic #5 - Ancient Dagger

Right beside the Ridgeline camp is a small cave block by a wooden barrier. Shoot through the grab the collectible on the other side.

Document #25 - Autumn

You can't get this until you've obtained Climbing Arrows. Once you have it, head for the northernmost section of the valley, by the bear cave. There's a high cliff beside a tree you can fire arrows into. Use one as a boost to get to the cliff, where you'll find this.

Relic #6 - Belt Buckle, Document #26 - Last Parting, Relic #7 - Necklace, Document #28 - Hinterlands

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider House of the Afflicted challenge tomb.

Relic #8 - Scroll Case, Relic #9 - Ivory Jar, Document #29 - The Aftermath, Document #30 - A New Purpose

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Baths of Kitezh challenge tomb.

Relic #10 - Rope Ring, Document #31 - Unrepentant, Relic #11 - Dice, Document #32 - The Overseer

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Pit of Judgement challenge tomb.

Relic #12 - Silver Basket, Document #32 - Thieves Among Us, Document #33 - Rite of Passage, Relic #13 - Goblet

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Catacomb of Sacred Waters challenge tomb.

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