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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Soviet Installation (3/3)

Mural #8 - The Warmth of Labor

This plaque is stuck to a wall right by the Copper Mill Yard camp.

Relic #8 - The Game

Once you open the area with Rope Arrows, enter the building immediately southeast of the Copper Mill Yard camp to find this inside.

Document #15 - Glorious Discovery

Check the building in the southern corner of the same yard to find this atop a desk.

Document #16 - Second Kill

As you climb the mill, you'll reach a room full of cages. This is on the desk in the same area.

Relic #9 - Dog Tags

When you learn to craft Molotov cocktails, look for a flammable barrier in the corner of the room. Nail this with some fire to open the room beyond, where you'll find this relic.

Relic #10 - Hero of the Soviet Union Medal

Beyond the other flammable barrier is a room with some ramps. Head around them to find another relic on a fenced-in deck.

Mural #9 - For the Motherland

This plaque is attached a wall right by Relic #10.

Relic #11 - Order of the Red Banner Medal

From Mural #8, turn around to see a blocked door. Use your rope arrows to yank it away, then slide down the ramp on the other side and leap to the oncoming balcony. From here, you can fire a rope arrow and climb over to a small room. This well-hidden relic is on a desk there.

Document #17 - An Ally in the Darkness

This is in the upper part of the mill. When you leap the gap seen in the screenshot above, it'll be on a table up the next set of stairs.

Document #18 - New Intel

Continue up, and you'll see this atop some wood after climbing a ladder.

Relic #12 - Pillbox

Now climb back down the ladder. From this spot, you can jump and clamber onto another ledge. You'll find another relic over there when you do.

Document #19 - Separated

You won't be able to get this until returning from Geothermal Valley after Jonah is taken prisoner. When you do, this document will be on a crate right beside your new camp, the Copper Mill Bridge.

Mural #10 - Dedication

Once you grab Climbing Arrows from the nearby strongbox, you can scale the wall and find this at the top.

Document #20 - Contact

Found up the climbing arrow wall en route to Jonah. Grab it from inside the small pavilion.

Mural #11 - Lessons of Loyalty, Relic #13 - A Coin of the Realm, Relic #14 - Golden Icon, Document #21 - A Warning, Document #22 - Correspondence

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Ancient Cistern challenge tomb.

Relic #15 - Maniples, Relic #16 - Censer, Document #23 - The Scout, Document #24 - Mountain Song

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice of God challenge tomb.

Relic #17 - Hip Flask, Document #25 - Resistance, Relic #18 - Bomb Fuse, Document #26 - Discovery, Mural #12 - All Empires Fall

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Red Mine challenge tomb.

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