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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Soviet Installation (1/3)

Mural #1 - Kokkos, the Astronomer

As you head down the path from the Installation Vista camp, look for a small break in the rocks you can squeeze through. This leads to a crypt, where you'll find a plaque stamped to the wall.

Document #1 - Kokkos, the Astronomer

Continue through the crypt until the path splits, then head left to the icy room. Leap across the broken stone bridge to reach this document on the other side.

Document #2 - First Kill

You'll spot a corpse a little further down the path back outside. Check the stump behind it.

Mural #2 - Man of the People

When you first enter the area, you'll encounter several Trinity troops. When you make your way up the stairs past the computer, you'll see this attached to the wall.

Document #3 - Mistakes

Found on the same level as Mural #1; look for it atop a nearby crate.

Document #4 - The Iron Road

After you receive the pistol, check the nearby palettes to find this.

Relic #1 - Gulag ID

On the other side of the glass window in the same room is a locked door. Use the Lockpick (once you receive it) to find a relic in the room beyond.

Mural #3 - Night Work

After blowing through the metal door with a well-timed explosion, check along the wall outside for another plaque.

Relic #2 - Rosary

Look for a hole in the fence by the Train Yard camp. Slip through and check inside the train car on the other side to find this.

Document #5 - A Closer Look

Check the cabin beside the Logging Camp. This is found atop a desk inside.

Document #6 - Captured

Head for the building northeast of the Logging Camp. Inside, you'll find this document atop a crate.

Mural #4 - Star of Progress

There's a large building in the middle of the Logging Camp area. Climb onto the southeast-facing roof to find another Soviet plaque.

Relic #3 - Family Photo

On the opposite side of the structure, you can find a relic tucked behind a rusted gate.

Relic #4 - Wish Maker Toy

North of the previous relic is a wooden tower near a radio antenna. Climb into the tower to find this.

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