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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Abandoned Mines

Document #1 - Noble Efforts

This one's hard to miss: it's atop a box immediately after you scale the elevator shaft.

Document #2 - Missing Men

Also hard to miss, it's by a corpse when you enter the first ruined hallway.

Mural #1 - The Prophet's Arrival

Yet another one that's hard to miss. It's right next to the camp.

Document #3 - Resistance

When you reach the first little pool, check by the paintings against the wall. This sits atop a desk there.

Document #4 - Radio Silence

Before you climb along the line toward the giant door, grab this off the stack of crates next to the winch.

Relic #1 - A Father's Sword

Found in the southern section of the mines, after pushing the truck into the chasm and battling the Trinity soldiers. Take a left once you climb up the ice wall to spot it in a little alcove.

Document #5 - Broken Tracks

Continue forward from the previous relic. Once you rip down a door with a rope arrow, check left for this little ledge you can hoist yourself onto. There's a document on a table up there.

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