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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Geothermal Valley (1/2)

Relic #1 - Planter Vase

This is easy to spot: it's right by the Remnant camp when you first enter the area.

Relic #2 - Bear Carving

Also near the Remnant camp. Take the descending staircase facing west to find a wooden barrier. Shoot through, and you'll find this relic in the small room beyond.

Document #1 - Winter

In the small village by the Valley Farmstead camp is a man working an anvil. Check by the fireplace inside his house to find this.

Document #2 - Fire on the Horizon

Check the tower next door to find another.

Document #3 - The Mourning

Check the deck right next to the tower to find a third.

Document #4 - Spring

Finally, turn around from this spot and enter the house you see. There's a fourth document on a table inside.

Document #5 - On the Smallest Prey

Follow the riverside path north out of the village to find this beneath an awning.

Document #6 - On Local Birds

Another few steps up the path is this wooden tower. Use the tree beside it to get on top, where you'll find another document.

Mural #1 - The Long Exodus

At the base of the tower holding Document #6.

Document #7 - Rivkah, the Architect

If you follow the path to the top of the waterfall, you'll spot a series of rocks you can traverse. These lead behind the waterfall itself, where you'll find a crypt entrance. Break in and follow the path, taking a left when you emerge from the water, to find this on the ground.

Mural #2 - Rivkah, the Architect

Drop down the series of ledges from the previous document to find this along a wall.

Document #8 - On Deer and Stags

There's a cave in the lower valley, right near the village border. Head inside to find a document atop a ledge.

Document #9 - On Boars

Just a tad southeast of the cave you just entered is a perch up in a tree. You can reach it by climbing up the attached rope or leaping from a nearby plank. You'll find another document up here when you do.

Document #10 - A New Day

Head for the hunter's house by the water icy water. Check inside her shed to find this.

Mural #3 - The Rebirth

There's an herbalist in the ruins by the Ruins Encampment. This hangs on the wall of her work area.

Relic #3 - Iron Coin Tool

Check the neighbouring tower (you can easily get inside via the path around back) to find this by the window.

Mural #4 - Aurora, the Physician

Check the southeast corner of the ruins area to find a cave containing a crypt entrance. Break through and follow the path, and you'll spot this on a wall after dropping down near a zipline.

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