News on the next Tomb Raider game and The Lord of the Rings MMO isn't "too far away," but Amazon Games doesn't want them to "be rushed out"

Tomb Raider
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Amazon Games' upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO and Crystal Dynamics' next Tomb Raider game aren't "too far away," but the focus is on "quality" rather than rushing them out.

The next Tomb Raider game is being published by Amazon Games, and The Lord of the Rings MMO is being developed by the New World team at Amazon Games Orange County, but news on both has been fairly light on the ground. As far as the upcoming Tomb Raider game goes, it was announced back in 2022 as a single-player, narrative-focused adventure developed in Unreal Engine 5, while The Lord of the Rings MMO was announced last year, is being made in partnership with Embracer Group and its subsidiary Middle-earth Enterprises, and is set to release on both PCs and consoles. 

There's no word on when either of them might be releasing, but according to a new interview with Variety, we might be finding out more about them relatively soon as Amazon Games starts "to get a more regular cadence of putting out games," while still focusing on achieving a high quality. 

"It's not going to be tomorrow, but it's not too far away," Amazon Games' vice president, Christoph Hartmann, says after being asked when we'll hear more about the games and when they might launch. "As I said, we're getting into a much more regular cadence of shipping games. That's all I'm allowed to tell you right now… It's all about quality. You don't want to just be rushed out. That doesn't work. It has to be triple-A quality, because the bar is so high."

All in all, that can only be considered a good thing. After all, looking at Tomb Raider alone, it's already been six years since the last main new release, so there's inevitably going to be high expectations for the next one. Here's hoping that both games will be able to live up to their hype when they're eventually upon us.

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