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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

The Acropolis

Document #1 - Prophet's Arrival

After crossing the initial bridge, look to your left for a path that leads back under it. Follow this to a little alcove under where you first entered - there's a document there.

Document #2 - First Winter

Head a tad northwest from the Remnant Bazaar camp to find this beside a burning cart.

Document #3 - Common Blood

Just a few steps south of Document #2 is a tent. Check inside to find this next to a strongbox.

Document #4 - Stewards

Another few steps south, and you'll see this atop a crate.

Relic #1 - Reliquary

From Document #4, check the first tent on your left. This sits beside a corpse inside.

Mural #1 - The Valley

After reuniting with Sofia, you'll break through to a room with shallow water. This is attached to the wall in there.

Relic #2 - Deer Charm

Found atop some crates in the room where you acquire grenade arrows.

Document #5 - Missing

Right beside the Riverside Landing camp, on a desk.

Document #6 - Language of the Land

Look for this on the ground after crossing the narrow plank by the same camp.

Relic #3 - Bullae

When you cross the next plank and leap to the bridge, take a left to find this tucked away beside a gate.

Document #7 - Dangerous Errand

This is found near the Tower Courtyard camp (after the chopper goes down. Check underneath the nearby awning.

Document #8 - The Revenant

At the end of the very next hallway, beside a barrel on the left.

Document #9 - Armour of Faith

You'll need to warp back to the Tower Courtyard camp to get this (a cut scene will push you past it). Return to where you had your last gunfight to find a grate removed, allowing you to drop to a lower area. This document is just a hop across some water down there.

Document #10 - Bones of the Earth

Found after performing your first grapple jump en route to the cathedral. Check right after hoisting yourself up to spot it in a bush.

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