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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Research Base

Mural #1 - Just Rewards

Make your way through the woods until you reach the main gate. This is stamped onto the wall beside it.

Relic #1 - Stamp

You can’t miss this one - it's right next to camp.

Document #1 - The Ordeal

Look for this atop a crate up the stairs just past the helipad.

Relic #2 - Reliquary Pendant

From Document #1, head around the back of the tower to find this.

Relic #3 - Engraved Casing

Grab this off the walkway before entering the weather station.

Document #2 - The Strength of Faith

When you go inside, head for the back room to find this on a table.

Document #3 - Danger

Grab this off the table by the ladder before climbing into the attic.

Document #4 - Protector

Once you zipline into the prison block, turn around and head down the curved staircase. The last document is behind it.

The Orrery

Mural #1 - Entombed

Found during the large orrery puzzle. When Lara mentions "disengaging the device," walk to the other side and check the tunnel to your left to find this in a small room.

Codex #1 - Classically Trained

You can't miss this one - it's in the chamber immediately after you leave the orrery puzzle.

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