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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Siberian Wilderness

Document #1 - On the Borderlands

Just east of camp, you can hop up a small ledge to find this.

Document #2 - The Prize Awaits

This is found atop a series of ledges southeast of camp. Mantle up to grab it.

Document #3 - In the Tomb

In the northeastern pocket of the area is a cave. Head inside to find this lying on the ground.

Relic #1 - Crown of a Prince

Exit the cave containing Document #3 and climb to ledge immediately to the left. There's a relic in a box up here.

Document #4 - Army of the Unwilling

There's a ledge on the northern edge of the map you can reach by leaping across the tree branches. Head there to find this.

Relic #2 - Archer's Ring

There's a cave south of camp you can only enter by pulling away some planks with Rope Arrows. Once you have them, return here and head inside. There's a relic here.

Relic #3 - Mongolian Tug

Just around the bend from Relic #2 is another cave with its own barrier. When the Trinity soldiers enter the area, you can grab a gas can from one of their posts and use it to blast into the cave. There's a relic waiting for you inside.

Document #5 - Gearing Up

This won't be available until Trinity soldiers raid the area. Once they do, it'll be atop a crate near the path to the bear's den.

Document #6 - Northern Passage

Found on the ground by the breakable wall in the bear's den.

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