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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

The Lost City

Document #1 - The Last Man

Hard to miss, this one's on the railing near the Threshold of Kitezh camp.

Mural #1 - The Iron Road

Attached to the building in the southeastern corner of the map.

Relic #1 - Amber Necklace

There's a dishevelled sickbay near the middle of the area. Check between the two beds inside to find this.

Document #2 - Stalking the Deathless Ones

You can enter the building across the street via a metal barrier at ground level. Use a grenade arrow to bust through, and you'll find a document on the other side.

Relic #2 - Kitezhian Silver

This is found at the base of the tower near the middle of the area. Use a fire arrow to burn through the barrier guarding it.

Document #3 - Rebirth

Now scale the tower (it'll take a combination of tools) to find this under the arm of a corpse in the belfry.

Relic #3 - Spurs

Check the building next door to find this atop a small barrel.

Document #4 - Trapped

Found at the foot of a statue, by the stairs at the northern border of the town.

Relic #4 - The Pagan God

Along the western edge of the area, you can climb into the top floor of a building. Shoot through the planks up here to find a relic beyond.

Relic #5 - Flint Striker

Just north of Relic #4, there's another to be found on the second floor of a crumbling building.

Document #5 - Desperate Struggle

There's a ruined building in the southwestern pocket of the area, near a group of patrolling Deathless. Check inside to find this.

Mural #2 - Valentinus, the Timekeeper

In the same area as the patrol, hop into the water and look for a doorway you can swim under. Follow this path to a crypt entrance - this hangs on the wall beside it.

Document #6 - Valentinus, The Timekeeper

Bust through the wall into the crypt, and you'll find this on the ground just a few steps in.

Relic #6 - Rus Drinking Horn

You can get this once you're sent to commandeer the trebuchet. Look for a metal barrier along the ice wall, then blast through with a grenade arrow. Hop into the small room, then out the window to find this on a rooftop.

Mural #3 - The Long Years

The game's final mural is hanging on a wall across the courtyard from the Citadel Plaza camp.

Relic #7 - Wooden Icon

After obtaining armour-piercing arrows and fighting through the second courtyard, you'll open a door to the balcony. Take a right at the end and shoot through the wood to open a way to the opposite side. There's a relic there.

Relic #8 - Ivory Carving

Once Trinity breaks through the ice, you'll be tasked with climbing the tower. Grab this off a pedestal on your way up.

Relic #9 - Glass Vase, Relic #10 - Soldier's Pendant, Document #7 - Good Intentions, Document #8 - A Moment of Clarity

These are found in the Rise of the Tomb Raider Chamber of Exorcism challenge tomb.

Congratulations – you should now have found all of the Rise of the Tomb Raider collectibles

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