Rise of the Tomb Raider Challenge Tomb walkthrough guide

The Lost City - Chamber of Exorcism

Finding this tomb is easy: the entrance is a cave in the northeastern corner of the main area, but be prepared to fight a bear. After the battle, break through the crumbling wall and follow the cave - there will be a Relic on the ground soon after. Keep moving, and when you dive into a pool of water, look to your left to spot another Relic on the rocky shore. A short swim later, and you'll be at camp. Another swim will bring you to a path with leaking gas and a gate. Shoot a fire arrow into the gas to blast open the way forward.

The goal here is blow open another gate, but first, walk around the balcony to your left to find a Document. Now hop down to the lower floor (there's another Document by the base of the opposite staircase) to get started. There are two levers attached to the upper floor; shoot them both with rope arrows to drain water from the central trough and release gas into the room. While the water's drained, run into the trough and detach the cage below. Head back up and wait for the gas to clear.

Now crank the machine by the trough to raise the cage. Head back to the top floor and fire a rope arrow at the back end of the machine to move it, bringing the cage closer to the gate. Stay up here and fire two more lines at the water/gas switches you used before. With the gas below, shoot a fire area to create an explosion, sending the cage through the gate. Go get that last treasure!

Congratulations – you've completed all of the Rise of the Tomb Raider Challenge Tombs

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