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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Soviet Installation (2/3)

Mural #5 - A Happy Land

This one's hard to miss. It's attached to the building right next to the Communications Tower camp.

Mural #6 - Damien, The Prophet's Forge

There's a cave tucked in the corner of the main area, right by the Hidden Refuge camp. Head inside to find a breakable wall that leads to a crypt. This is attached to a wall just after you descend several steps to the bottom of the area.

Document #7 - Damien, The Prophet's Forge

In the next cave, you can spot a document across a small body of water

Document #8 - Attachments

This is on a crate behind the Supply Shack.

Document #9 - Resistance

Found after escaping from Lara's cell. It's on the desk in the same room.

Relic #5 - Cigarette Case

Check around the corner of the same cell block to find this.

Document #10 - Betrayal

You'll find this beside the projector shortly after leaving the cell block.

Document #11 - Reunited

When you reach the courtyard, you'll have to find a way to open the gate. There's a document right next to the controls.

Document #12 - Fieldwork

Found while escaping from the Trinity soldiers. When you emerge from the water, check next to the door.

Relic #6 - Patch

On the other side of the same door, next to the crank.

Document #13 - The Fearful and the Lost

During the firefight after your acquire the assault rifle, pause before dropping down the pit in the screenshot. Grab this off the nearby table first.

Document #14 - Wounded

A bit later on, you'll enter a room with several dead soldiers. Check the table by the door to find this.

Relic #7 - Medal

Check around the base of the stairs immediately following Document #14.

Mural #7 - Warning for the Unjust

Found on the other side of the broken wall beside Relic #7.

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