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Rise of the Tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide

Flooded Archives

Document #1 - Broken Bonds

After falling into the pit, turn around to find this along the planks.

Mural #1 - The Defenders

This one's hard to miss: it's right next to the Chamber of Records camp.

Document #2 - Exile

Take a right past the first set of exploding vessels to find this atop a pedestal.

Document #3 - Death and Rebirth

In the chamber housing the Atlas, look for grappling hooks in the middle of the room. Swing across these to reach a balcony where this document sits on another pedestal.

Relic #1 - Pennon Flag

When you reach the giant, loose statue, you'll need to find Greek fire vessels to knock it free. During your search, you'll enter this courtyard at the northern end of the area. Climb the wall in the back corner to a balcony, then leap over the dual spike traps to find the relic in a corner.

Document #4 - The Greater Good

From Relic #1, follow the upper hallway to reach a balcony out front. Leap to the broken portion to find this atop a pedestal.

Document #5 - The Exodus

Head for the southern half of the area. Facing the Greek fire dispenser, head up the right staircase to find this atop a crate.

Relic #2 - Battle Standard

Leap over the dispenser to the other balcony and make a U-turn to your right to reach a relic behind a gate.

Mural #2 - Years of Plenty

You'll need to return here with Climbing Arrows to find this. Head for the cave immediately following where you escaped from the Deathless archers earlier in the game. Shoot an arrow into the wall pictured above, then climb to the passage above. After a series of jumps and swings, you'll eventually crawl into the stone chamber where this is found on a wall.

Mural #3 - The New City

The last mural's attached to a wall just before you exit the area. You can’t miss it.

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