New EverQuest expansion

The thirteenth expansion for the massively successful MMORPG EverQuest will be turned loose on Norrath, available exclusively for download, beginning February 13. EverQuest The Buried Sea adds a host of new features to the game, including new areas to explore, a new equipment slot, handy guild features, and ship to ship combat, all for the suggested retail price of $29.99.

We look forward to crossing swords with pirates and exploring the underground stronghold of the Combine Empire, Katta Castrum. To help explore these new areas, the expansion has added a unique Guild Banner system, showing that the EverQuest team is still thinking creatively after all these years. The system allows guild leaders to place a banner on the ground once there are enough guild members in an area, which willenable guild members to teleport directly to the banner's location.

One more cool addition will be the Energeian Items, which utilize ancient Combine technology to give your character a slot for an Energeian power source that gives your armor a boost based on the type of power you're using. Switching power sources offers some quick customizability to your character.

Above: Imagine this screen from The Serpents Spine with a lake and a pirate ship with a guild banneron it, and that'll be what Buried Sea is like.

January 17, 2007